Natalie Portman: “actos brbaros” war in her native Israel

The actress is from Jerusalem.

(EL UNIVERSAL).– The armed conflict that arose between Israel and the Islamic group Hams divided the world not only with attacks that led to decades of loss of life, but also with the stories of survivors that became known through the Red Socialists.

Many of the world’s biggest celebrities spoke out against the attacks, including various celebrities including Hollywood actress Natalie Portman, who is also from Jerusalem.

In an article that she published on her official Instagram account, the protagonist of “El Cisne Negro” lamented the terrible situation in which she lived on her Christmas, which, of course, completely devastated her.

“My heart is broken by the people of Israel. Men, women and old people were beheaded and captured in their own homes,” he wrote.

Adems, Portman notes the barbaric acts of armed attacks, violence and insecurity that his people have committed to resist the latter, and expresses his support and solidarity to the families.

“I am horrified by these sad actions and my heartfelt love and prayers go out to everyone’s families,” she added.

On October 7 last year, Israel’s Gaza branch was unexpectedly attacked by an Islamist militant group. At this point, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the country in a state of war, and several thousand and hundreds of deaths have been reported to date; However, expect the number to increase by the hour.

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