6 best films with Jason Statham

Jason Statham, the undisputed icon of modern action, has had a solid career in the genre. Let’s trace his best films by focusing on the main milestones.

Jason Statham: 6 best films

Born in the UK in 1967. Jason Statham a true living legend. First, he tries himself in sports (a member of the English diving team), then gets a job as a model, and after being noticed by Guy Ritchie, he starts working in the cinema. His career in this sector seems to take advantage of both of his previous paths: on the one hand, a toned and well-trained physique, on the other, acting. In a short time, Statham imposes himself on the collective imagination, becoming par excellence the face of today’s mainstream action movie.

The Meg: Jason Statham in a movie photo

The Meg: Jason Statham in a movie photo

From the origins of the aforementioned Guy Ritchie to the franchise The Expendables; from racing cars Fast and Furious in the movie all the muscles and bullets to the recent Shark 2: little by little, the actor earned the love of the public, becoming a brand of recognition and success at the box office around the world. We decided to repeat Jason Statham best movies and his careerrecommending some works (offered in strict chronological order) that we believe are some of his most successful and iconic works. filmography.

1. Jerk (2000)

pull out a tear 5

Jerk – Tear: scene

This is the most famous film among the director’s films. Guy Ritchie. A contemporary cult that immediately found applause from a more underground audience. Then the director will also be able to sign ambitious and important blockbusters, such as two films dedicated to the figure of Sherlock Holmes (played by Robert Downey Jr.), or a remake of the classic Disney film. Aladdinbut the love of the general public for this director almost always remains associated with Snatch – I grab it. For Jason Statham, this will be an important step. The actor has already collaborated with the director on his previous feature film. Lock & Stock – Madmen on the loose (1998), but it is with this second film that the doors of big productions will open. In reality, Statham plays one of the two main characters, a criminal with ties to the underground boxing world. His story will intertwine with that of a boxer (Brad Pitt) and an illegal sweepstakes boss (Alan Ford). Myself Lock & Stock – Madmen on the loose dedicated the director (and with him Statham) to the English homeland, Snatch – I grab it will allow both to enter a more international arena. It is no coincidence that Hollywood stands at attention and feels the potential of both.

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2. Ghosts of Mars (2001)

Clea Duvall, Jason Statham and Ice Cube in 'Ghosts of Mars'

Clea Duvall, Jason Statham and Ice Cube in ‘Ghosts of Mars’

Just a year after the success of The Big Pull, Statham was hired on the spot by one of the most important and well-known contemporary horror directors: John Carpenter. Ghosts from Mars this is definitely not one of the main titles in his career, but it is impossible to refuse such cooperation. The film will be an opportunity for the actor to try his hand at action-horror, even if in fact the operation is a kind of hybrid that also includes science fiction (obviously) and western (a genre so dear to the author). It was originally supposed that all this would be the third fragment of the saga with Jena Plisken in the title role, but the commercial failure Escape from Los Angeles (1996) persuaded production to change plans. Thus, Carpenter gets to work on a remake of his own District 13 – Death Crews (1976). There are many similarities between the two feature films, even if at first glance they are clearly far apart. Ghosts from Mars It will be box office failure but it will still help steer Statham’s career in the direction of a more dynamic and acrobatic imagination in which he can have his say thanks to his unusual physique and weight. Besides, being able to brag about having worked for one of the greatest masters of genre cinema is certainly not a trivial quality.

3. Work in Italian (2003)

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remake Italian shot (1969) Peter Collinson with Michael Caine Italian work it is a film that immediately garnered audience applause for its light-hearted and irreverent manner, capable of entertaining with breathtaking chases and striking the perfect balance between the nimble and elegant design of Mini Coopers and the exotic and mesmerizing charm of a thought-provoking place that alternates minute by minute. However, an even more interesting fact lies in the curious coincidence that sees the director as the main characters. F. Gary Grayas well as performers Jason Statham and Charlize Theron. In fact, all three will then be called to work on the saga of Fast and Furious. In short, it almost seems Italian work worked for them as a kind of appetizer, training to start gaining confidence in the world of motors and car chases, with the goal of then getting into the biggest franchise ever created on this topic. Among other things, the production forced the actors to take driving lessons in order to be able to film without stunt doubles.

4. The Expendables – The Expendables (2010)

Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and Randy Couture in The Expendables

Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and Randy Couture in The Expendables

This is one of the most sincere and passionate tributes Hollywood has ever made. The first segment of what would then become a real franchise given its huge public success is actually a great carnival of faces and icons that have helped shape the imagination of action movies over the decades. Film director and starring Sylvester Stallone but, besides him, eternal legends such as Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger AND Bruce Willis. Jason Statham’s presence in the band is a sign of how much this actor has also rightfully entered the hearts of international audiences by now, thanks to his charisma and strong roles that fill his filmography. Associating one’s face and one’s name with a cast of this stature certainly means being able to control oneself and somehow inherit the legacy of those who have contributed to this type of show in the past.

5. Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

Fast & Furious 7: Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham face off in one scene

Fast & Furious 7: Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham face off in one scene

what from Fast and Furious it’s one of the longest-running and bombastic (literally) Hollywood franchises. The saga that began back in 2001 is still alive today. Many characters have followed each other throughout the films and decades, but among new entriesFor sure, ex-British soldier-turned-mercenary Deckard Shaw (aka our Jason Statham) is one of the most successful in capturing the hearts of an international audience. Always pairing compelling action sequences with the right dose of irony that never hurts, this role fits the actor perfectly so much that we’ll see him return multiple times. Almost from the sixth chapter, complete with a spin-off dedicated to him, paired with the character Rock (Fast & Furious – Hobbs & Shaw). We decided to recall the seventh segment of the saga because, in addition to being the movie where Statham’s character “finally” enters the project, he is also the most beloved chapter of the fans, the most touching work. All this is obviously due to the premature departure of a co-star, Paul Walker, marked at the end of the film by an episode that is not forgotten. Whatever the case, the most testosterone-rich saga of the new millennium has inevitably crossed paths with one of the biggest names in modern action. The result is a rather crackling combination that has gone down in history.

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6. Shark – First Shark (2018)

Shark - The First Shark: Jason Statham in a still from the movie

Shark – The First Shark: Jason Statham in a still from the movie

Based on a sci-fi horror novel MEG Written by Steve Alten Shark – the first shark It may not be Jason Stam’s most successful game, but it definitely deserves our attention in two respects. The first is connected with the total presence of the actor on the stage. The film is built around his figure, beginning with the film’s publicity campaign. It’s synonymous with the fact that now, all these years later, Statham has become synonymous with a guarantee, a modern action star who alone can carry an entire project on her shoulders, counting on the love and affection of an international audience in his comparison. It is from this consideration that the second aspect follows. Although, as already mentioned, “Shark. The First Shark isn’t a must-see or a completely passionate film, the actor’s appeal means many people flock to theaters to watch it, and at the end of its run, the film grossed over $500 million worldwide. There is a lot of data, so much so that the production immediately began to create a sequel: Shark 2 – Abyss. In short, Statham’s first “solo” experience, away from illustrious colleagues or established franchises, demonstrates that the actor is now a popular icon, loved and loved, one of those names that can influence the trends of the film market.

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