77 years old and do not feel them!

The one-piece swimsuit has undergone a drastic rediscovery phase in recent seasons, thanks to cutouts and patterns that make it ultra-sensual. However, this is not enough to hide a bikini that is always resolutely sexy, versatile and comfortable. This season has plenty to offer, including gorgeous crochet classics and cutting-edge silhouettes with all-new fabrics, textures and prints to make you want to book a beach holiday. They range from very high waisted or even sleeved versions to micro and skinny ones. Choice is inevitable. The selection criteria are, of course, dictated by personal tastes, the type of vacation planned and, nevertheless, its use: already because never like this year, bikinis are worn not only at sea, but – thanks to trends that want transparency to be at the top of the list of trends – also in the city and for evening outings. With adjustable lacing or strategically placed cutouts, bright colors including silver and gold, patterns and shimmer shades that evoke summer evenings in their own right are versatile enough to sneak into both casual and evening attire. Except the sea. And finally, the white bikini, a great classic that should always be in your suitcase or desk drawer.

Step back

The bikini turns 77 this year, but you wouldn’t think of it in store windows, no matter how fresh and sensual it may seem. Although separate swimsuits, called subligacules and strophies, were already worn in antiquity, as evidenced by finds of urns, frescoes and mosaics from the Greek and Roman eras (the oldest date back to 1400 BC), modern bikinis, i.e. The favorite two-piece swimsuit has a more recent history. After decades of closed bodies and one-piece overalls, at the end of world conflicts, in fact, on the wave of a pronounced return to femininity, humiliated by military life and clothing, the search for novelty in beachwear was in the air. How, In the spring of 1946, then-famous designer Jacques Heim first created a swimsuit much smaller than the existing models, causing such a stir that the creation was considered obscene and stood idle for several months. in the shadows, was dubbed “Atom”in the hope of the designer that his creation could get an explosive reception almost like a bomb. A few months later, in early July of that year, French designer Louis Réard, against Heim’s anticipation, designed an even smaller swimsuit and decided to call it a bikini. Thus, both project names, “Atom” and “Bikini”, were inspired by the nuclear war raging around them., but Louis Reard was able to take full advantage of the situation. In fact, Bikini was unveiled just four days after the United States began testing atomic bombs on Bikini Atoll, a municipality in the Marshall Islands, rendering several coral islands uninhabitable due to higher-than-expected levels of radiation. . And indeed, the new beachwear was revolutionary, a symbol of women’s emancipation and freedom.

Bikinis and the divas who made him famous

Early bikini designs were often crocheted, but Catholics and detractors opposed exposing the navel, legs, and chest to the sun. In fact, in the early years after its debut, the bikini was considered “sinful” by the Vatican. and consequently it was officially banned in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Australia, remaining illegal also in many states of America: until about the 1950s. Everything changed when actresses and models began to approach bikinis. The one that is still beautiful today, with the white and red ribbon worn by Marilyn Monroe in the famous 1948 snapshot, made a splash.. Many others followed, such as Rita Hayworth. Among the divas who popularized the new costume, stands out Brigitte Bardot vhe popularized the new style during his holiday in Cannes in the mid-1950s, and on the set of And God Created Woman and Manina, the Unveiled Girl they were followed by other Hollywood stars and, gradually, ordinary women who wanted to follow the fashion. The 60s are crucial. In several iconic films, bikini-clad actresses represent a very feminine and often self-conscious sensibility: from Sue Lyon in Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita. (1962) announcement Annette Funicello in the movie Beach Party (1963), to name but a few. Key model of recent years Ursula Andress like a bond girl “007 – License to Kill” (1962): An item of clothing destined to mark bikini and film history by becoming one of the sexiest cinematic looks of all time. Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Raquel Welch and Italians Stefania Sandrelli and Mariangela Melato they follow the bikini trend on the silver screen as well as in the dolce vita. The game is done.

…. 70s to 90s

Modern two-piece swimsuits are often referenced to the 70s and 80s and, especially this year, to the 90s. The 70s were years of experimentation with more and more mini bikinis, more concise, these are the years of the so-called string bikini, that is, adjustable thanks to ties and laces. (still timeless model). Such are the colorful models of La Perla, shot in 1972 under the heading “Towards the Total Sun” for Vogue Italia. It also starts experiment with bandeau patterns, down to sporty cuts suitable for scuba diving. Then comes the 80s with culture and body care that come to the fore: suits are characterized by underpants with a very high cut, Pamela Anderson in Baywatch (1989) remains iconic.. The most popular model in those years had, in fact, a linear, but “limited” design. Whether it’s one-piece swimsuits with high legs or a bikini, despite the high waist, they formed a V below the navel. – now back in the spotlight – this way the hips and navel remain visible, in contrast to the classic high-waisted bikini. In the 90s, bikinis are becoming predominantly a beach thing, so they are ditching the one-piece swimsuit, which will have to wait a decade to return as a main character.. The hottest models of the 90s and early 2000s are what they wear Angelina Jolie in the movie “Tomb Raider”, Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels and a bikini exotic tribal details like those worn by Destiny’ Child in the “Survivor” video. .

This year’s trends

Even when it comes to costumes, fashion seems to pay homage to the past, in particular Beachwear trends 2023 range from high-cut bikinis (Bondi Born) and bras borrowed from 80s glamor (Oséree), which can also be used in the city as an undercoat, to crochet bikinis (Isabel Marant, Zimmermann). one-pieces and (but also one-pieces) constructed and embellished like a haute couture garment, with fabric floral ruffles appliqués around the neckline, beaded fringes and jays., embroidery with sequins and crystals, for the effect of a mermaid. The minimalist bikini, on the other hand, resurrects the dominant trend of the 90s with micro bikini versions with very high cut panties (Victor Glemaud, Matteau BEA Studio, Gucci). Crochet bikini in the perfect boho-chic (Physic) style is very much loved by very young, crocheted, a must-have item of the season that is very reminiscent of the early days when twos started circulating on the beaches.. Models with prints in small flowers, polka dots or stripes are an inevitable reference to the 60s and the Lolita style (ARKET, B-kini MiMa, Calzedonia, Emilio Pucci). In today’s offerings, there is no shortage of proposals inspired by exotic destinations: between sophisticated all-out white, one-piece swimsuits and embroidered bikinis and navy details, the Twinset beachwear collection, for example, is inspired by Mykonos. While seductiveness and elegance are the codes of the Ermanno Scervino aesthetic, whose beachwear reinterprets lingerie with embroidery and precious details. Calzedonia, among the various lines, stands out Coastal Chic, which showcases transparency, 3D embroidery and sophisticated patterns, in contrast to the young summer festival inspired by travel and adventure with denim effect patterns and crochet. enriched with shiny metallic threads in bright colors. Finally, Wild Nature with prints and a palette of earthy shades inspired by the earth and ocean blues. The pattern remains on the crest of the wave, both for costumes and clothing; small strategic slits under the bust, on the shoulders or on the sides, sensually but tastefully proposed, for example, in the Celine and Bottega Veneta collections and in the Chloé X ERES capsule: one-piece, ebony color with waist slits, perfect even for a party with a maxi skirt and a pair of flat sandals.

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