9 Times Singers Defended Fans From Guards At Concerts

The most famous musicians would be nothing without their listeners. For this many artists are very protective of their fans, especially at their concerts, when there are a lot of people, the space is very limited and security is hidden.

Sometimes the protective instinct also intervenes in disputes between fans and security during concerts. In such situations, it no longer matters that security guards have been hired for the safety of the singers themselves. The stars are ready to take on their team in no time. Ask for it Adele who stopped one of his Las Vegas shows to film a pair of security personnel arguing with a dancing crowd. Or Taylor Swift that during one of the concerts of his Eras Tour, he stopped singing in order to angrily call the guard.

Everyone from Ariana Grande to Beyoncé, from Billie Eilish to Elton John and more, stood up for their viewers, giving life to episodes that immediately went viral on social media.. There is no doubt that the guards are doing their job, but when certain limits are exceeded, the musicians intervene.

Here are 9 artists who protected their fans from security at their concerts.


Adele defends fans from concert security
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During one of her concerts in Las Vegas, Adele completely paused her performance to scold security for molesting a fan in the front row. Concert security repeatedly asked the audience to stay where they were. “Why are you bothering him,” the singer shouted in the middle Water under the bridge – leave it, please. They won’t bother you anymore, dear.

After the concert, a fan of Adele thanked the English artist on social media by posting a video of the event: “Thank you so much Adele for this fantastic evening and for protecting me by letting me experience the concert the way I wanted.”

Taylor Swift

Photo by Hector Vivas/TAS23/Getty Images

Taylor Swift definitely lived up to her song title enmity when he filmed a security officer at one of the Eras Tour concerts in Philadelphia. While he sang 1989the singer noticed that near the barriers, a group of fans was attacked by a security officer. Taylor immediately stepped in and yelled, “Hey, he’s not doing anything wrong! Stop!”.

“TEilor was yelling at the guard because he was pushing us, not giving us time and telling us to move. – said on Twitter one of the viewers involved in the incident – ​​we did not throw objects at him and did not shout something bad at him. She was dancing in front of us, so we got even closer to the stage. The guard became aggressive for no reason“.


Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Beyoncé made sure a fan received a special gift from her after a concert security officer snatched it from a viewer. As Valentino told Tik Toker Global, Queen Bey gave him the sunglasses he wore on stage, but they were taken over by another member of the audience.

At this point, security intervened, but Global Valentino was no longer able to return the singer’s memorabilia. Luckily, Beyoncé saw it all.. Later during the performance, she returned and gave him a couple more points.

Billie Eilish

Photo by Matthew Baker/Getty Images

It’s unclear what prompted Billie Eilish to turn to concert security during her performance at the Gov Ball in 2021. Regardless of the cause, the young singer was not happy at all. “Guard, why aren’t you careful? I’m serious,” she exclaimed in the middle of the conversation. Everything I wanted indicating the exact area in the center of the audience.

Some journalists who were present at the event said that Billie Eilish intervened in order for the doctors to save the fan. After a few moments, the artist turned to the crowd, ascertaining the condition of everyone: “Are you all right? Everything is fine?”.

Elton John

Elton John defends fan from concert security
Photo by Rob Ball/WireImage

Elton John literally scolded a couple of security guards who were too aggressive towards the audience at his concert in Perth, Australia in 2019. Noticing the fight in the hall, the rock star in full style spoke very loudly.

“Hey, you two guards with a girl, go fuck yourself! – He shouted from the stage – Leave her immediately! Don’t treat women like that, bitches!”


Megadeth defends fan from concert security
Photo by Elsie Roymans/Getty Images

The Megadeth leader did not report his band’s 2022 Nashville concert to security. “Hey, you security guard,” the rocker called out, “stop interfering with our show. No need to constantly go to the barriers and disturb the fans. They are having fun. Stop it or I’ll ask you to get out of the hole. Did we understand each other? Do we fucking understand each other? Don’t do it again.”


Russ defending a fan from concert security
Photo by Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

Russ was filmed defending his fan from a group of very aggressive security guards during his concert in Calgary this year.. “What are you doing?” he called from the stage. “It’s a girl! What’s wrong with you?”

The rapper later explained to the public, “All I saw was five grown men being too aggressive towards a girl.”

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande defends fan from concert security

In 2017, during the Dangerous Woman Tour, Ariana Grande defended a fan shortly after he took the stage shortly before without any invitation. When the concert security quickly attacked him and dragged him off the stage, the singer Thank you next he called out, “Hey! Hey, relax!” Then, shortly after he resumed his hit Moonlight he added, “Be careful not to hurt him.”

Travis Scott

Scott defends fans from concert security
Photo by Massimiliano Lorenzina/Billboard Italy

Before the tragedy of the 2021 Astroworld Tour, which claimed the lives of ten fans in a huge crowd crush, Travis Scott made headlines for helping a bystander during a physical confrontation with security. It all started with the fact that a fan during his performance at roll loudly 2018 attempted to take the stage with Scott’s blessing. The guard immediately intervened and knocked the fan to the ground.

Scott fired concert security and helped a fan up. “Guards don’t touch this,” he warned. “Turn on the lights. Wait. Got you. Stop, it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s part of the show. It’s okay.”

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