Travis Scott protects a fan from security during his concert

Travis Scott cares deeply about his fans and he proved it once again during a recent date night in Dallas, Texas., where he stopped earlier this week during his Utopia Circus Maximus tour (which kicked off in Rome, where the Houston rapper performed Aug. 7, … Read more

Lizzo again accused of harassment and hostile work environment

Lizzo is facing another high-profile lawsuit filed by a former employee, accusing her of failing to control her team’s toxic behavior and harassing her tour workers. Yesterday Asha Daniels – fashion designer who worked on Special tours from Lizzo earlier this year – filed a … Read more

Bad Bunny usheres in a new phase of Latin pop music with new album

Starting today it is available on all platforms. Nadi Sabe Lo Ke Wa and Pasar Manyananew album of the group Bad Bunny. Blockbuster follows Verano Sin Ti, capable of reaching number one on the Billboard 200, remaining at the top of the chart for thirteen … Read more

Troye Sivan, new album “Something To Give Each Other”

It’s been over five years since Troye Sivan released an album. The drought was broken and doors opened with Something to give each other, the third studio album from the Australian pop star. Troy Sivian’s new album dropped at the stroke of midnight and features … Read more

Transverse flute, a very rock instrument.

A few days ago, we just saw Lizzo make a surprise appearance on stage where Incubus was performing, accompanying them on flute during a song. Water transmission. The African-American artist learned to play this instrument, which actually has very ancient origins, as a teenager. The … Read more

Beyonce, the Renaissance Tour made history: record fees

Starting today, Beyoncé can add another record to her stunning palms: Renaissance has officially become the highest-grossing female artist’s tour in history.. Variety reports this. Where we read that Bey’s world tour, which began on May 10 in Stockholm and ended on October 1 in … Read more

The story of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

In mainstream pop music over the past decade or so, few songs have generated as much attention and controversy as Wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus. Released in 2013, the song marked a decisive turning point in the former Disney star’s career and sparked a series … Read more

Red Bull 64 Bars Live in Scampia: pure rap show among Vele

The Red Bull 64 Bars concert in Scampia was once again, and perhaps even more so than last year, a great rap show with Vele in the background. The artists announced this in the afternoon: everyone will contribute their personal share, their tribute to the … Read more

Drake. The new album “For All The Dogs” is finally out

Punctual as clockwork, this time it really happened: at exactly 6 o’clock (12 noon Italian time), Drake released his long-awaited new album. For all dogs. This is his first solo album since Honestly, it doesn’t matter and the first single was released Slime you with … Read more

Offset, the new album also features Cardi B and Travis Scott.

Offset’s upcoming new album Set It Off (out October 13th) finally has a tracklist. The former Migos album will feature two collaborations with wife Cardi B (bizarre AND jealousy), as well as many other guests from the top list. Tamong them Travis Scott Say my … Read more