Transverse flute, a very rock instrument.

A few days ago, we just saw Lizzo make a surprise appearance on stage where Incubus was performing, accompanying them on flute during a song. Water transmission. The African-American artist learned to play this instrument, which actually has very ancient origins, as a teenager. The first “rough” flutes, made from bone and tusk, date back to 35,000–42,000 years ago. Then, obviously, the instrument has evolved over the centuries, and Lizzo plays a transverse flute, usually made of metal. But there are many variations. From the piccolo to the very simple recorder that many of us used in elementary school.

Great flutist virtuosos, from Ian Anderson to Chris Wood

Now obviously it’s impossible not to mention Ian Anderson of Jehtro Tull. However, in Italy the group is still very popular among older people.. Anderson is considered to be the “Eric Clapton of the transverse flute” to all rock lovers. There are so many memorable tracks, from Living in the past To Songs from the forest.

Most likely, the second great flautist in rock was Ray Thomas, founder of The Moody Blues, who was able to feed on Eastern and Indian influences.. They also express a special English psychedelia (listen to their 1969 studio album, On the threshold of a dream). However, it is dated 1968. In search of the lost chordan album containing twisting and mesmerizing Legend of the mine (tribute song to Timothy Leary). Around 2:45 the song hits you with a flute insert played by Thomas himself. Unfortunately, during the era of synth-pop hits of the 80s, Ray Thomas was forced to take up backing vocals and tambourine playing.

We also remember organist, singer and flautist Thijs Van Leer. Who, with his band Focus, released some amazing and sometimes crazy albums, such as the song Hocus Pocus. Van Leer also later released several excellent solo albums, including his 1972 flute classic. Introspection.

Another great multi-instrumentalist and versatile flutist was Chris Wood, whose album with Traffic is definitely worth remembering. John Barleycorn must die since 1970. Wood struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and died at age 39 in 1983.

In the early 70s, many bands and artists used this instrument in their compositions. Especially bands with a progressive flavor, from Genesis to Caravan, from Camel to the Italians PFM, but the list goes on and on. Let’s remember some masterpieces in which the flute is the absolute hero.

King Crimson – I speak to the wind
The gorgeous flute track features Ian McDonald, who has a long list of collaborations, from T Rex Bang A Gong (Get It On) to Foreigner. But to progressive rock fans, he will forever be a founding member of King Crimson, where he also tried his hand at Mellotron, keyboards and horns on a masterpiece. At the Court of the Crimson King (1969), before leaving.

Canned heat – Up the country
A rock song that sticks to you from the first notes… transverse flute. Born to the melody of bluesman Henry Thomas’s 1928 vintage composition, Bulldozer bluesIn 1968, Al Wilson of the blues band Canned Heat took the tune and rewrote it with a new title and new lyrics. Taken from their record Life in the Blues, the single peaked at number 11 in early 1969. The most notable part of the single is the flute riff performed by musician Jim Horn, imitating the work of Henry Thomas. Horn has played saxophone and other horns on some notable rock albums over the years, including Pet sounds the Beach Boys and Africa Toto.

Van Morrison – Moon dance
In early 1970, Van Morrison released his third solo album. Moon danceone of the greatest albums released this decade. Collin Tilton’s flute playing alongside John Klingberg’s bass and John Schroer’s saxophone solo lift the song to unattainable heights.

Man at work – Down under
How can we not remember the beginning of the flute Down under? It debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in October 1982 and quickly rose to number one. An Australian song to the core, not only because the band comes from Australia, but because of all the obvious references in the lyrics.So much so that it was chosen as the anthem of Australia II, the winning yacht of the 1983 America’s Cup.

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