Aaliyah’s death inspires LeBron James to keep playing football

Aaliyah’s untimely death at the age of 22 remains one of the music industry’s greatest tragedies, but her passing also inspired positivity.

In a period of time NBA Today During the show that aired on Wednesday (October 10), ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst revealed that the R&B singer’s death in 2001 prompted LeBron James to continue playing high school football after considering retirement.

“You know why I play football?” he started. “Because of Aaliyah. Because he was going to stop playing after his sophomore year, and then one of his favorite singers, Aaliyah, died in that plane crash and he decided to live without fear.

“So Aaliyah’s pass took him off the sideline. He skipped the start of his junior year — he missed the first game of the year. I played the second game, no practice, no training camp.” He played in 12 games, racked up 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns, and is one of the greatest receivers in school history. “

In addition to R&B, LeBron is also a famous Hip Hop leader. Last year, the NBA superstar shared the names of some of his favorite albums in the genre.

During the 2022 Los Angeles Lakers media day, the King was asked about his music taste. Even though he’s from Ohio and lives in California, he’s a New Yorker at heart when it comes to his top rap records.

Diddy says LeBron James has 'the best voice in the NBA' after singing on new album

Diddy says LeBron James has ‘the best voice in the NBA’ after singing on new album

As a baby in the ’80s, the four-time champion has always had his eye on New York City and has selected several fan-favorite albums as his top projects of all time with the help of former rivals JAY-Z and Nas.

“Favorite album of all time? Oh my gosh, wow,” he said, pondering the question deeply. NBA TV. “I can only have one album, which is almost impossible. has been written By Nas and black album, Jay Z. “

Earlier that year, when asked about his top 5 hip-hop albums, he mentioned two records. At that time, he also named Snoop Dogg doggy styleDr. Dre’s chronicle and notorious big shot life after death Rounding out his five.

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