Offset, the new album also features Cardi B and Travis Scott.

Offset’s upcoming new album Set It Off (out October 13th) finally has a tracklist. The former Migos album will feature two collaborations with wife Cardi B (bizarre AND jealousy), as well as many other guests from the top list. Tamong them Travis Scott Say my favorDon Toliver Worth it and the future in Wide day. And again Latto(Perfect as can be), Yung Nudie (Drug boy), Chloe (Princess Cut) and Mango Fu (Skyami).

Offset recently premiered a video for one of the songs from the new album: Fanwho continues his passion for all things Michael Jackson. The video clip, starring Kai Chenath, is largely inspired by the iconic video Thriller by MJ, with Offset and his girlfriend, actress Everybody Hates Chris, Paige Heard, who goes on a bad jaunt after a breakup that ends with the Migos member turning into a werewolf. Like the original, this scene ends up being part of a movie that Offset and his girlfriend are watching.

Spoiler alert: The scene ends with Offset turning into a zombie, and then the second half of the video cuts to another video of Jackson. smooth Criminalwhere Offset again portrays Michael in a white dress and hat similar to the one MJ wears in the video, and does the classic moonwalk.

Switch off, new album, is a follow-up to Offset’s 2019 solo debut. Father of four childrenwhich produced hits Red room AND InfluenceGrammy-nominated, featuring Cardi B.

Offset’s new album tracklist

Below is the full tracklist for Offset’s new album.

  1. On the river
  2. Say My Grace (feat. Travis Scott)
  3. Worth It (featuring Don Toliver)
  4. Broad Day (feat. Future)
  5. Fan
  6. Freaky (featuring Cardi B)
  7. Jump out of the van
  8. Do not lie
  9. I’m Hon
  10. Big Dog
  11. Night vision
  12. Skiami (featuring Mango Fu)
  13. Dissolves
  14. Fine As Can Be (feat. Latto)
  15. Take apart my watch
  16. Dope Boy (feat. Yung Nudie)
  17. Princess Cut (featuring Chloe Bailey)
  18. Jealousy (feat. Cardi B)
  19. Blame it on the set
  20. Upside down
  21. Healthy
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