Lizzo again accused of harassment and hostile work environment

Lizzo is facing another high-profile lawsuit filed by a former employee, accusing her of failing to control her team’s toxic behavior and harassing her tour workers.

Yesterday Asha Daniels – fashion designer who worked on Special tours from Lizzo earlier this year – filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging sexual and racial harassment, disability discrimination, assault, retaliatory wrongful termination, and more.. In addition to Lizzo, the lawsuit names wardrobe manager Amanda Nomura, tour manager Carlina Gugliotta and Lizzo’s company Big Grrrl Big Touring as defendants.

Daniels states thatafter being hired by the superstar’s world tour in February 2023 to modify and repair the wardrobe she had previously designed for Lizzo’s dancers, she was “immediately…introduced into a racist and intimidating environment.” Woman reveals have “suffered from constant anxiety and panic attacks”. He also states in the indictment that Lizzo’s dancers were forced to change in “small, tight spaces… with little or no privacy,” and stage staff, “mostly white men, stared at them lewdly, smirked and giggled” while they got dressed..

The woman claims that after she expressed her concerns about the lack of privacy to Nomura, she was “advised” not to tell anyone about the issue.

Experiences lived by Asha Daniels

“All the time,” we read in the indictment, “the Black woman had to hear racist and fatphobic comments and see stereotypical imitations of Black women.” In one portion of the complaint, Daniels alleges that Nomura once rolled a heavy clothes hanger onto his leg. When the designer allegedly asked to sit down because she was in pain, Nomura allegedly pushed her and accused her of making excuses.. Nomura’s push caused her to sprain her ankle. Asha also says that the next day, when she showed up to work wearing Crocs, Nomura demanded that she put on tennis shoes.

Among other charges Daniels reports that a backroom manager “sent a photo of male genitalia to the group chat.”.

Dismissal of Asha Daniels

Asha Daniels claims she informed Coach Gugliotta – who brought it all to Lizzo – she was fired. On the day she was fired, managers allegedly denied her medical attention due to an allergic reaction.

Daniels says he continues to suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, brain fog and fatigue as a result of his experience.. Asha is seeking damages including unpaid wages, lost earnings, general damages, special damages and punitive damages.

Lizzo, yesterday’s accusation is not the first.

Last August, Lizzo and her team were accused by three dancers on her tour: Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez.. Their attorney, Ron Zambrano of West Coast Employment Lawyers, is also representing Daniels in her case. Since the first lawsuit, the dancers’ lawyers said six more people have contacted them with similar stories about Lizzo.. Daniels appears first.

Lizzo isn’t though. participation in any persecution, AND accused of turning a blind eye to the toxic behavior of its employees.

Two days after the August charges, Lizzo denied the allegations on social media. “These stories come from former employees who have already admitted that they were told that their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional” That same day, the dancers appeared on CNN This Morning to repeat their allegations. Two weeks later, dance group Big Grrrls supported the singer, saying they had fun on tour.

Yesterday Lizzo received the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award from the Black Music Action Coalition..

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