Travis Scott protects a fan from security during his concert

Travis Scott cares deeply about his fans and he proved it once again during a recent date night in Dallas, Texas., where he stopped earlier this week during his Utopia Circus Maximus tour (which kicked off in Rome, where the Houston rapper performed Aug. 7, also hosting Kanye West on stage). A video from the Oct. 18 show, taken by someone in the audience that began circulating on social media, shows a person in the audience falling to the ground while there appears to be an interaction with security that caught the attention of Travis, Scott.

Travis Scott to security: ‘You will not kick a fan out of my concert’

“The only thing you won’t do is kick a fan out of my concert,” Travis Scott told a security guard. from the stage at the American Airlines Center in Dallas as the music died down. -You won’t do this, brother. You will not. Stay away. Step aside, brother. He’s just having fun. Get away, damn it. Let her have fun.” “It’s a girl,” the rapper said. “You can’t grab a woman like that, okay?”. At that point, the security guard in question shook hands with the fan being protected by the rapper, who briefly climbed onto the platform to provoke the crowd before returning to the ground.

Tour date canceled at the last minute

Last week, Travis Scott postponed his tour date at the last minute. According to local reports, he sold out the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 13, but when audience members arrived at the arena the next night for his second PNC show, they were told it had just been cancelled. The arena asked fans to hold on to their tickets, which will be valid until a future date to be determined.

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