Red Bull 64 Bars Live in Scampia: pure rap show among Vele

The Red Bull 64 Bars concert in Scampia was once again, and perhaps even more so than last year, a great rap show with Vele in the background. The artists announced this in the afternoon: everyone will contribute their personal share, their tribute to the genre. Leaving aside the issue of Salmo, who decided not to participate due to dissing and differences (euphemisms) with Luce, the performances of all the artists went in this direction.. From Jolie and Luce’s leads to Rose Vilain’s dark and compelling performance. From Noise Narcos, who has shown himself to be straightforward and straightforward. To the impeccable and energetic Lazza, who joked: “No more pop, I feel like I’ve done enough of that this year.” And then the arrival (almost unexpectedly) of Anna, who with her attitude once again confirmed that she is one of the most interesting artists (yes, not only artists).

And finally, a stormy ovation for Marrakash, which was announced just a few days ago by a guest who remembered (if there was still a need after Marrageddon last week at the Agnano Racecourse) his love (totally mutual) for Naples, which brought him two of his Red Bull 64 Bars. The last one with the product. by Tha Sup and the iconic 64 BARS OF FEAR. And it all was topped off by Miles, the king of DJs, standing behind the console high above the LED wall. Everything can be seen again on the Red Bull DROPPA channel.

Red Bull 64 Bars: the importance of being in Scampia

The stage is no longer divided into three parts like last year, it has one, very long catwalk that seems to be thrown into the middle of the audience, 10 thousand spectators (2 thousand more than last year), with 3D effects that wink . in a futuristic atmosphere. The sails are in the background and they too decide to celebrate the event with fireworks. The one that is probably uninhabited stands out impressively and gloomily, reminding us that yes, the area has certainly improved, but we have not suddenly left Gomorrah To A place under the sun. Luce, the owner of the house together with Joliet, immediately clarifies: “I think it’s important that a multinational company like Red Bull decides to invest in a genre that is still considered underground despite its numbers. And then, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to the people from Scampia, but I have no doubt that they are happy and proud, just like me. That I also feel some responsibility in returning to the places I left.”

Geolier and Scampia

Even Jolière, who comes from Secondigliano (near Scampia), first of all has great pride. Proud that, thanks to the development of Neapolitan rap, he goes through the Naples championship and releases a joint album with Luce (“it’s 80% ready, we’re working on it here in Naples”). Also arriving at the coronation of the “young king” of King Marra last week: “But what a king, prince, little prince, I’m just a muccusiello (brat, Ed)”, he jokes like that – even in a duet with Bro Lazza for Qian – provides one of the best moments of the evening. And of Scampia, he adds: “I’m really excited to see this area in the spotlight. I know that investments have increased over the year. People are happy, and it shows: not only children, but also families are participating on the front line, even from their balconies.” It’s true: the audience is completely diverse, there are a lot of families with children.

Rap dream

If he hadn’t found his dream of rapping, Geolier would probably have gone to work as a welder in Germany, like many in the area, he says. And this is the main meaning and goal, confirmed by all the artists. And also from Noise Narcos, who, of course, comes from Rome, not Naples, and brings with him straight bars that make no concessions. “If this show inspires a kid who spends his days riding a scooter back and forth to start rapping, I think it’s achieved his goal,” he comments.

Same for Lazza. “Rap was definitely not a safe dream. At first my mother disagreed and would have preferred that I just learn piano. Now she is my main supporter, the first one to listen to my auditions. What matters is that people are curious and find their passion.”

Luce’s first Red Bull 64 Bars

Luce, former Co’ Sang, a pioneer of rap, especially Neapolitan, deserves his own chapter. He admits he was feeling a little stressed heading into the evening because he will be presenting his Red Bull 64 Bars live, which had only closed the night before at 2 o’clock. “This was my first concert as a rapper because last time I just produced Geolier’s. I thought a lot about what line to give, listened to the remaining 64 bars and noticed that very classic beats were often chosen. I wanted to split it into two parts. For the first one, I chose an Atlanta-inspired beat with a melodic chorus. In the second one I chose an almost boom-bap rhythm with a sample from New York state of mind from U.S. It felt like the right beat to me because I wanted to rap in dialect and go back to my roots.” In the setlist he offers a TikTok hit (unintentionally) like We have no agebut also things like Strength, Slang, Stamm Fort. And in the final chain, after it is also played In Rion Ko’ Sanga (probably bringing many to tears) presents his Above with Geolier.

Luce and Salmo’s refusal

However, he will have to clarify his stance on Salmo a little after his harsh dissing this summer (obviously, these are only the latest episodes of a long-standing feud) and the announcement of a forfeit. The Olbia rapper published an article on Friday evening in which he said that the guys from Red Bull “in general did not behave very well because they knew that I would not leave for several months, but did not inform about it.” Luce answers. “There was no problem for me. We are professionals. Nothing would have happened to him. Of course, perhaps we would have met in the locker rooms and it would have been unpleasant, we would not have specified this. Maybe another time.”

The future of rap shows

The genre in Italy seems to have really peaked this year, just in time for its 50th anniversary. Last year’s Red Bull 64 Bars Live opened the lead, which was then continued and capped by Marageddon in Milan and Naples, as well as yesterday’s encore in Scampia. There have been high-profile international concerts, such as a double Travis Scott and The Weeknd, and a likely huge international show next week has been announced (could it be Kanye?). But what happens now that the genre is faltering for the first time in the United States? Could it be that Italy is now being considered for these big events precisely because the American audience is a bit oversaturated? (However, Drake is in every top spot on Spotify’s Top 50 today).

Will the future of rap be female at all?

Will it become pinker, as the examples of Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj, and Doja Cat teach us? The question comes from Rose Villain, a worthy representative of the local scene who has just released a single. Me, me and other troubles with sample Tainted Love She confirms that attendance is improving, or at least a start, even if she is keen to reiterate that no other artist has ever sidelined her or treated her with less respect in recent years. After all, Anna is the only artist to make her presence known in the Class of 2024.

The future of Red Bull 64 Bars Live and rap in Naples

Where will Red Bull 64 Bars Live take place in 2024? Considering the great success of these publications, would you like to come abroad too? Choose another place to fulfill your “big dream”? Surely someone wants to stay in Naples, and this is Joliet. “Naples is, of course, one of the rap capitals of Italy, and I want to stay there. It can still grow and possibly reach overseas, especially in the United States. I think that our city, with its realism, could be of more interest than the rest of Italy, even Milan. I want to stay here and I want industry to come here too. Maybe it’s the headquarters of a record company, who knows! Said Emanuele, “third year of high school and three albums,” just 23 years old. Perceived as wisdom, 60.


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