6 things you should never put on your face

Good and relaxed living habits skin care It won’t hurt anyone. In fact, developing good habits is crucial to taking care of our health. fur both Face As well as the body, because we are exposed to many factors every day, such as sunlight and UV rays, which can affect and damage the body.

But it is important that you know the size of the area Face It is much more fragile than other parts of the body because, according to the Eucerin brand, in this area fur It is particularly good and therefore susceptible to different factors. Therefore, it’s important to look for products based on your skin type: normal, dry, oily, or combination.

Many people believe that using certain products on their bodies expensive Can improve conditions such as acne, fur Dryness, spots, wrinkles, etc. But be careful!Use these products on your device Face It may cause more damage to it, so it is better to look for safer alternatives.

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in recent years coconut oil Since it is rich in lauric acid, which is an excellent acne-fighting element, it has become many people’s best friend.

But used in expensive This is not a good idea because according to Web MD, this Oil Contains 90% saturated fat, which may clog pores and make the condition worse. Facevery bad idea!

If you’re wondering if you can use it on other parts of your body, you should know that it’s safe to do so if you’re extremely dry. So now you know: coconut oil yes very suitable fur Stay away from your body, but keep it away from you expensive.

A Unilateral It is very common in households to use toothpaste Fights acne and blackheads, but it’s important to know that using this product can cause burns and even lead to infection.

According to Skinkraft Laboratories, redness may occur after use toothpaste inside expensive This is because the product contains ingredients that are highly irritating to the skin. furespecially in a fur Just as sensitive expensive.

So if you choose to wear Apply toothpaste on faceit’s better to stop using it and look for better options.

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other Unilateral It is highly praised by many people Sodium bicarbonate. There is no doubt that due to its versatility, this product has endless uses and is a favorite and must-have ingredient in many Mexican households.

But it’s important that you know that expensive Might cause problems for you because Skinkfrat Labs states that due to its alkaline nature, sodium bicarbonate May unbalance your pH fur and cause acne.

It’s common for women with dyed hair to want to match the shade of their eyebrows.But it’s not a good idea to use the same dye on your eyebrows because it contains a lot of peroxide and they can burn your eyebrows fur It can even hurt your eyes, which is very dangerous!

In these cases, the best thing you can do is find a colored brow gel or use makeup to match the shade to your hair.

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As you read!If you run out of cream, you should avoid using it body lotion replace it because its goals are very different.

this body lotion It’s usually heavier and greasier, so it can clog skin pores. fur from your expensive.In addition, some body cream They often have very strong fragrances that can damage and irritate your skin. fur,avoid!

At least once you should receive advice on how to use lemon inside expensive clarify fur or other benefits. no doubt, lemon It’s good for many things and foods, but not for expensive!

wear lemon inside you expensive may irritate you fur, especially after going out and exposing to sunlight.The acid is lemon It can even cause chemical burns, so it’s best to avoid it.

Now that you know, the best thing you can do is research which products may benefit you fur And provide more nutrients, seek a better diet, and most importantly, consult your dermatologist before switching or using any new products. Face.Not playing with you healthy.

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