A bottle of Nicole Kidman’s favorite hair growth serum sells out every 22 seconds – and it’s on sale

What it is?

Ever since she hit the screen in her starring role in Days of Thunder, iconic redhead showcased “hair care goals.” It’s only fitting that luxury holistic hair care brand Vegamour tapped her as a partner and health advocate. After testing out the collection, Kidman “found that her hair was undeniably transformed,” saying it was thicker, fuller and “noticeably less frizzy.” One of her favorite products is the Gro Hair Serum, and it’s our new favorite. Kidman first discovered Vegamour during Australia’s COVID-19 lockdown, while looking for a way to revive her locks after decades of styling and coloring. The serum, like everything else on the Vegamour website, is currently 25% off, but you better hurry – the sale ends today!


Loved by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, this best-selling serum was formulated to improve the appearance of thinning hair, leaving it looking thicker and fuller.

48 dollars in Vegamura

Why is this a good deal?

Vegamour has become such a popular brand that they don’t really need to have their products fly off virtual shelves. With that in mind, their discounts are slim, so if you’re interested in trying Nicole’s favorite serum, we recommend getting it while you can save $16. Plus, the sale is running sitewide, so you’ll get 25% off everything you buy—just be sure to apply the code. FAM25 when placing an order.

Why do I need it?

Nicole chose Vegamour as her solution not only because it’s effective, but also because she supports the brand’s plant-based approach to hair health. From lack of sleep and damaging stress to vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, there are many issues that can contribute to hair loss. With this in mind, Gro Hair Serum is free of harmful chemicals and uses a blend of vegan phytoactive ingredients that help create an environment conducive to scalp growth.

Gro Serum was formulated to increase hair density and reduce signs of hair loss, resulting in fuller, fuller locks. According to the manufacturer, noticeable improvement is observed in just 90 days. One bottle of serum is sold. every 22 secondsso yeah, it’s quite popular, and not just among Nicole.

A photo of Nicole Kidman next to a photo of a hair growth serum.A photo of Nicole Kidman next to a photo of a hair growth serum.

Get the Nicole Kidman look with this vegan hair growth serum. (Vegamoor)

What reviewers say

With an impressive average rating of 4.4 stars, Gro Hair Serum is a hit with thousands of customers.

“Wonderful product,” exclaimed a fan. “My hair is falling out 50% less than before, I’m about to start my third bottle so I expect the results to last. It takes time to see real changes, but my hair has gotten thicker and fuller.”

“It definitely works,” said a buyer in his 60s. “I’ve been using Vegamour serum for about nine months. At my last hair appointment, my hairdresser said, “Your hair seems thicker. Whatever you do, keep doing it.”

“The biggest skeptic in the world is here,” the convert wrote. “I was sure I was throwing away my money, but after just over three months of use, I’m amazed at the results. I’m over 60 and my hair has started to fall out a lot. It was terrible… There were bald spots everywhere, which forced me to wear a baseball cap every time I went outside. At this point, the shampoo and serum have done their job so well that I have virtually no visible bald spots. The only drawback I feel is necessary to mention. The thing is, I have a very large area to treat (the entire front of my head to the crown), which means I use the serum bottles very quickly.”


This popular serum doesn’t go on sale often, so grab it for less while you can!

48 dollars in Vegamura

And to complete your collection, there’s a set of Gro Revitalizing shampoos and conditioners that you can get for stealing:


When used with Gro Hair Serum, this duo can produce results in as little as 90 days. Both shampoo and conditioner are color safe!

65 dollars in Vegamura

“The best products!” – the user exclaimed. “I’m an older man and I have pretty thick, wavy hair that’s hard to style. I tried these products and was amazed at how well they worked and how much improved my hair was – much less shedding, smooth and silky, natural curls – beyond my expectations. My appearance has gone years away. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!”

The reviews above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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