A campaign to the sound of music for the Dem candidates: the “Playlist of the list” comes out

5 songs for 16 candidates: 80 songs ranging from Italian singer-songwriters to 70s rock to today’s trendy music. The 16 Pd candidates for the city council who present themselves in the elections of 14 and 14 May have decided to create a playlist on the widespread spotfy streaming channel to share with each other, and with the voters, their musical tastes and – why not – to take charge during the tiring days of electoral propaganda.

Each candidate proposed their 5 pieces, which were playlisted on spotify, creating a long soundtrack, lasting about 5 hours.
This is not a novel invention: Barak Obama, on the occasion of the US presidential elections, had already created his playlist to share with voters.

You can listen to the playlist below:

Below, all the songs of all the candidates:

Marco Gobbato – 53 years old, Technical operator at San Giacomo Novi Ligure Hospital
As in fairy tales – Vasco
Super heroes – Mr rain:
the fisherman – Fabrizio De André
Sunday bloody sunday – U2
Losing my religion – REM

Martina Sciutto – 36 years old, court clerk expert
Stay close to me – Vasco
Unique – Antonello Venditti
The song of the sun – Lucio Battisti
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
The bandit and the champion – De Gregori

Giordano Otello Marilli – 40 years old, teacher and provincial secretary of the Democratic Party
The popular song – Afterhours
It will change – Neffa
We are the story – De Gregori
I will always sell – Welcome
Some nights – Ligabue

Luca Patelli – 33 years old, worker, outgoing municipal councilor
destination paradise – Gianluca Grignani
Sky and Sand – Paul Kalkbrenner
Screaming against the sky – Ligabue
Oval Spiral – Article 31
North South West East – 883

Stefano Moro – 41 years old, insurer, outgoing municipal councilor
I wanna be your slave – Maneskin
I gotta feeling – The black eyed peas
Dr. Dre – Still DRE ft. Snoop Dogg
The real slim shady – Eminem
General – Francesco De Gregori

Carlotta Carraturo – 40 years old, lawyer, administrative management instructor at the Municipality of Carrega Ligure, Forza Virtù coach
Wonderwall – Oasis
Gunshot -Subsonic
My way – Negrita
It’s Not Forever – Afterhours
September Impressions – Marlene Kuntz

Jessica Merlo – 26 years old, banker
Flowers – Miley Cyrus
House of the rising sun – Animals
Running up that hill – Kate Bush
Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode
What Happens Tomorrow – Duran Duran

Andrea Vignoli – 55 years old, professional training teacher and journalist
It depends – Harabe De Palo
Immigrant song – Led Zeppelin
Me gusta tu – manu chao
War Pigs – Black Sabbath
Cyrano – Francesco Guccini

Amadea Meminaj – 28 years old, saleswoman
Two Lives – Marco Mengoni
This is my life – Ligabue
Alba Chiara – Vasco Rossi
Bella – Jovanotti
Your way – Elisa

Daniele Mascia – 33 years old, Employee, representative of the Workers of the Acos Group
Neverland – Edoardo Bennato
100 steps – Modena City ramblers
Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd
Open up heaven – Mannarino
Old city – Fabrizio De Andrè

Alfredo Lolaico – 62 years old, retired, outgoing municipal councilor
A life as a midfielder – Ligabue
I trust you – Jovanotti
Always beautiful – Jovanotti
Piero’s War – Fabrizio De Andre
The cannon woman – Francesco De Gregori

Alexander Delnevo – 40 years old, trade union official
Love Is Ageless – Victory at the Sea
Lover’s spit – Broken Social Scene
Nothing is safe – clipping.
Chloe in the afternoon – St. Vincent
Daughters – Wild Beasts

Enrica Bosio – 56 years old, switchboard operator and former trader
Sally – Vasco Rossi
Wanderer – Nomads
Future – Lucio dalla
The sky – Renato zero
We will rock you – Queen

Patrizia Gugliermero – 61 years old, lawyer
Come away with me – Paolo Conte;
Don’t let your arms fall – Edoardo Bennato;
Hurricane – Bob Dylan;
Wish you were here – Pink Floyd;
Sand Creek River – Fabrizio De Andre’

Enrica Cattaneo – 60 years old, INPS technical manager engineer and university professor;
Men don’t change – Mia martini
Fighter – Fiorella Mannoia
The year to come – Lucio Dalla
It can be done – Angelo Branduardi
The air is running out – Gianna Nannini

Francesca Merlano – 43 years old, doctor at the San Giacomo hospital in Novi Ligure
Here come the sun – Beatles
Don’t stop me now – Queen
Hymn for the weekend – Coldplay
Stay – Elise
Diamond – Sugar

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