A “criminal behavior” analyst recounts the strangest mass murder that occurred in Egypt 20 years ago, and studies are still based on it today • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Criminal behavior analyst, Muhammad Al-Shaibani, revealed the strangest mass murder in Egypt 20 years ago, and studies are still based on it to this day.

Murder in Egypt

During an interview on the “Yahla” program broadcast on the Rotana Khalijiya channel, he said: “In 2005, a murder occurred in Minya governorate in Egypt, and several victims from 3 different families were killed, and the perpetrator is still unknown “. Pointing out that according to some reports, the crime was aimed at offering sacrifices to extract the treasures of the pharaohs or trading organs, but the perpetrator did not take any organs.

Details of the crime

He explained that in the first house the offender killed a female and a male, “a man and his wife”, and in the second house he killed a man and his wife, and also killed a boy and a girl, leaving two girls in the same house.

A problem with sexual identity

He pointed out that the perpetrator cut off the male genitalia and placed a male dove next to each killed male and a female dove next to the females. Pointing out that the offender might have a problem with his sexual identity, or that he wanted to send a message to society, which is equality between all, especially since he removed his genitals.

Useless verb

He went on to say: “The murder involved an unnecessary act, namely that the criminal had a bag with 10 pigeons inside and placed them next to the deceased with the aim of conveying a message.”


He underlined that the victims did not resist the killer, which suggests that the criminal is physically strong and knows those who live in the houses, that he aimed to get rid of the males and then the females, and had a specific objective: killing a male and a female, not two of the same kind.

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