a kiss between the two on his Instagram profile has gone viral!

A photo of the couple kissing passionately posted by Selena Gomez on her Instagram profile has gone viral. But who are these two?

There it went viral photo of passionately kissing couple. Cause? Frame published edition Selena Gomez in their Instagram stories with the caption “Finally a reunion“(“finally reunited”). Many * thought that it could be in her, first of all, in her old hobby Justin Bieber. But is it really so? Let’s clarify.

In the photo in question, we see a couple kissing quite intensively, but the faces are not clearly visible. The girl has dark hair, the same as Gomez now has, and she is wearing a cropped black top and a leather jacket, which could be two things that the artist herself would wear. On the other hand, the boy looks like Justin Bieber. So some* fans started fantasizing about how Justin left Hailey to get back with Selena. As if that wasn’t enough, Selena Gomez later posted a video of a male voice saying, “I told my wife. Everything is over“.

In fact the video just wanted to introduce her new single on Friday and it had nothing to do with the photo posted hours earlier. Some fans then noticed that the boy in the photo had an anchor tattooed on his arm. The hypothesis that it was Justin Bieber has disappeared and fans started thinking about other possible fans like Zane Malik or Drew Taggart The Chainsmorkers, with whom the artist was seen earlier this year. However, these assumptions turned out to be wrong.

At that time who makes up a couple kissing passionately? Well, Selena Gomez just posted a photo of her best friend on her IGS, Nicholas Peltzkissing her husband Brooklyn Beckham. The mystery is solved, even if many* dreamed for a moment about a different ending!

(PHOTO: Instagram)

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