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The young man was admitted via the emergency department with facial edema and other worrying symptoms, was immediately treated by a multidisciplinary team and today he is admitted to the inpatient ward where his condition is progressing well and is permanently under control.

Ms. Julia Casal, a resident of the community of La Pilar, thanked the Government of Formosa, the Provincial Public Health System and the Central Emergency Hospital. Ramón Carrillo” thanked his nephew for the immediate attention he received when he arrived at the emergency guard area last Sunday (November 12).

He then commented that Marcelo Osvaldo Casal was experiencing symptoms “like being bitten by some insect or other, there was edema that caused him to close his eyes, and he also There were other symptoms that caused great concern to us.” We took him to the hospital, where he was quickly treated by the doctors on call and by different specialists: general surgeons, oral and maxillofacial dentists, infectious disease specialists and other professionals. “

He said that several studies were conducted at the same time, such as laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, tomography, “including other studies on lungs and blood, all of which are very complete.”

After consultation and results, the diagnosis was facial cellulitis. “They treated him with antibiotics and today his condition is improving, being controlled and followed until the prescribed treatment regimen is completed,” he commented.

In this regard, he values ​​”multidisciplinary and integrated care” because, as in the case of his nephew, “when the patient arrives here he is seen by a whole team of different professionals, he is controlled by the nurses and all the procedures “finished. “Research”.

He clarified that he not only made this distinction about his nephew, “but I say it because while I was with him and continue to be with him, I was observing their behavior toward other patients.”

At the same time, he added that in addition to medical and professional capabilities, science and technology serving patients, “it also emphasizes the high humanity with which they treat everyone 24 hours a day, without interruption.” “.

For this reason, he thought it appropriate to express his gratitude to the directors currently in charge of the hospital, “which is a reference for residents of our province, both from the mainland and from outside” who have health problems. Capital City “The first thing you think of is going to the city center hospital, or if necessary, that’s the first place you’re referred to.”

Next, he thanked “the public health system that the people of Formosa have today.” It is something we must value and we must speak about it because it is what we have and what we live. This is no coincidence, it’s thanks to provincial public health policies that made this possible. “He emphasized.

“Our province’s health system really gives us the answers. Probably, a lot is being missed because more and more of our people are claiming benefits and because we often see private centers failing to provide the necessary solutions to many of these needs , so people turn to public institutional effectors even if they have social work,” he continued.

On the other hand, for those who permanently attack the Formosa health system, he said: “Argentines are complainers in general, and Formosa residents are part of it. Of course, sometimes it’s because of something that happened, Certain failures, but when one experiences this reality that affects me today, and I’m privileged to be able to speak about it, people stop to rethink those criticisms and evaluate progress, and that’s what’s important.”

Say hello to colleagues

Julia is today a nurse retiring from the event and on the eve of National Nursing Day, which is commemorated every year on November 21st, she would like to send a special greeting to all her colleagues, especially those who work in “nursing centres”. Dear Central Hospital. “

“I really want to congratulate you, you deserve it. In your name, I salute the entire team and all the staff who make up the family of this hospital. “Never lose the humanity that is unique to you,” he said heartily means.

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