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A photo with international superstar Drake appeared on Sfera Ebbasta’s Instagram profile in the last few hours: this could be a sign of a collaboration.

Sferaebbasta and Drake, photo 2023. Instagram account @sferaebbasta

Sferaebbasta and Drake, photo 2023. Instagram account @sferaebbasta

Lines that connect Sphere Ebbast and Canadian rapper Drake have never been closer: The Cinisello auteur, spotted in Toronto at some of the international dates of his tour, gave for the first time visual evidence of what has been whispered about in the Italian rap game for years. The Instagram post shows him with Drake, with the caption: “This isn’t happening… but what if it does?. Evidence of some kind of connection between the Famoso writer and the Billboard Artist of the Decade, who have been pursuing each other for the past four years, or at least there was a belief that some kind of connection could bring the two rappers together. All this is connected with the search for the internationalization of the Sfera Ebbasta brand, which has already arrived from Rock stars, with the presence of Quavo from Migos and Rich The Kid in the deluxe of the project: V Famous in fact, he brought this thread into his album creators like Offset by Migos and Futurealso seemed to mark the release of a single entitled Mister Universe, citizen of the world, in collaboration with a Toronto-based author. But then the emergence of Covid-19 and Italian with Jamaican producer Rvssian, they almost hid the collaboration and its actual existence.

Drake’s focus on the European market

It all started in March 2019, when Sfera Ebbasta became the first Italian artist to be followed by an international superstar like Drake. In a few years, even the next generation, in the person of Rondodazosa, will have the same opportunity, and there are rumors of possible international cooperation, including through advertising communication for the clothing brand by Canadian artist Ovo. Drake and his collaborators have been keeping a close eye on the European market for years, just think of the huge influence the UK scene has had in its recent past, thanks to collaborations with Giggs and Headie One. passing Santana Dave and producing Top Boyfor which he also signed the soundtrack single Beyond Barz.

Possible summer hit between Sphere Ebbasta and Drake

Now that the final years of the pandemic seem to have passed, which inevitably influenced the excitement raised by the author Cinisello, Ebbast’s Sphere could place a bet. In a moment of impasse before the onset of the summer season, when the music business focused on the frantic search for combinations between Italian pop authors, a collaboration between Sphere Ebbasta and Drake may be a step above everyone else, an excellent testing ground and for Drake, who is looking for a benchmark in the Italian market. Just a few weeks ago it was the Sphere of Ebbast. among the main characters Mirage with Ozuna and Captain with Anitta: Takes a step back in his collaborations with artists like J Balvin, as well as production duo Diplo and Steve Aoki, photos of the internationally famous rapper. All the pieces of this puzzle seem to line up one after another, forming a mosaic that may represent one of the high points of Italian urban life.

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