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My friends, we are in the early stages of the qualifying rounds, but they are key on our path to the 2026 World Cup.Before I post my opinion on first double dates, I want to Public thanks to Paul Guerrero for the interview He gave me and told me unpublished passages about his football career. I’m so happy about it all and the overwhelming response from the audience to these two chapters, it was a complete success. I owe it all to you, my followers.

Back at the start of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers or qualifiers between Canada, the United States and Mexico, I was in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, with my producer José “Huachano” Lara, to witness firsthand the drama of that match for the Paraguayan leader in Antonio ·The Arlanda Stadium has designated “Guarani” stationed in the fan zone.

“Cuto” Guadalupe, Paraguay. (Photo: Alan Ramirez)

Paraguay’s experience

It was very exciting to meet many Peruvians in these lands who in many ways have made great efforts to come to the “Guaraní” lands to encourage bicolor. That day we went to a delicious PG steakhouse for dinner. There you can eat whatever you want for only 100,000 guarani, about 14 US dollars in exchange, which translates to about 52 US dollars in soles, approx.. Honestly, you eat it for a month, the meat is cheap and has the best cuts. Astonishing. It is impossible to eat meat of this quality and quantity at this price in Peru.

Another thing that caught my attention is how complicated it is to exchange US dollars in Ciudad del Este. If your dollar bill has the minimum stamp given to you by a Peruvian money changer, it cannot be exchanged, only bills without any type of stamp will go through. Some people accept you in exchange for $8 and then wipe off the stamp in front of you and that’s it, that’s how they make $8. This is abuse. Wear corduroy and they won’t notice your stamped ticket. Many Peruvians suffered from the currency change.

Another thing that caught my attention is that by requesting a taxi, it costs about 13,500 guarani depending on the distance, but they round it up to 15,000 guarani, which is about 2 US dollars, which is about 8 soles. It always works in your favor.

Peruvian journalists analyze draw against Paraguay | Photo: FPF Press

Live to suffer and enjoy

Continuing the day we went to the stadium and on the way we met many fans from all over Peru and around the world supporting “Blanquirroja”. Everyone has their own life story and is committed to supporting the Two Colors team.

Once settled in the stadium we focused on the game and our experience was just as intense as when I was on the pitch, although I must admit we suffered more in the stands.

It was more than 90 agonizing minutes, and my heart was in my throat, I think, like all the Peruvians who were there and who were watching at home.No wonder we suffer with himDeportation of Louis “Usain Bolt” Advinkula and those four shots that hit our goal, we unleashed Every intervention from Pedro Gallese was painful but we had a great goalkeeper. But our hearts nearly stopped when Paulo Guerrero’s shot hit the crossbar, potentially giving us a historic victory. Guerrero’s shot was incredible and he showed all his abilities. It would be great if it was a goal.

In the end, we got a valuable point for us and as the game progressed, I thought we had added a good point.

We have to think and act to keep adding, even if it is half a point, if FIFA allows it, I would say we have to keep adding so that in the end these points will bring us closer to our goal, which is to get the 2026 World Cup qualifications.

Now Brazil is coming, in Lima, and my desire is always to win, but if they tell me to sign my tie, I won’t doubt it. The goal should always be addition, and all additions are the goal of classification.

See you next Monday.

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