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This is the PEVAMIS platform developed by Spanish researchers and has now completed the pilot phase. SEMICYUC will be responsible for its development.

research team Sepsis, Inflammation and Safety in the Critically Ill Patient (SIS) The Investigative Institute of Father Per Vigili (IISPV) and the Joan XXIII Hospital of Tarragona have created a A platform that collects methods and results from hospitals across Spain Putting it into practice based on metrics that correlate with clinical information to assess the quality and safety of care for critically ill patients.

In other words, the goal is to standard method This can be implemented in any hospital center and in this way automatically manages all the data obtained during the patient’s stay. Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The platform is called Pewamis (Indicator Measurement Activity Evaluation Project) and was handed over by the IISPV to the Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine and Coronary Medicine (SEMICYUC), which will be responsible for its development at the national level.

same, Semiconductor Industry UniversityResponsible for organizing, planning and managing working groups pilot phase In recent months, six reference centers from different autonomous regions have participated in the construction of the platform, Coordination by Dr. María BodíDirector of the Department of Intensive Medicine and Head of the SIS Research Group, Joan XXIII Hospital, Tarragona.

“This platform will not only allow us to understand how different hospital centers assess the quality of care indicators for critically ill patients. The ultimate goal is to provide health personnel with the necessary means to automatically record data and a way to obtain results. All of this is focused on improving patient care. .” Dr. Boddy explained.

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