A step-by-step tutorial for aquamarine eye makeup.

For makeup inspired by the wonders of the sea, two shadows are enough: one turquoise, the other light green. While the rest of the beauty look remains naked

Aquamarine eye makeup for singer Lizzo (photo: Instagram/@lizzobeeating)

Aquamarine eye makeup for singer Lizzo (photo: Instagram/@lizzobeeating)

New Mermaid Disney, played on the big screen Holly Bailey he charmed everyone, including the American singer Lizzo which he recently showed off on his Instagram channel aquamarine eye makeup very relevant in the summer of 2023.

Did this for her visagiste from celebrities Alex Mayo who on social networks called it a trick Montreal Glam. It is a fact two colors are enough to reproduce this and a beautiful pair of false eyelashes very long.

Aquamarine Eye Makeup Tutorial: Starting with Foundation

To create a neon aqua eye like Lizzo. you need to start by applying primer to the entire eyelid, perhaps transparent or, better yet, white. The latter, actually used as a base, makes highly pigmented eyeshadow pop. However, be careful not to apply it under your brows if you want to leave a little “breath” between the shadow shade and the arch to lift your eyes.

Aquamarine eye makeup tutorial: two shadows are enough

Alex Mayo, a professional shadow specialist, created an aquamarine makeup look for Lizzo using just two shades of eyeshadow: one turquoise and others green lime. First, he painted the entire movable eyelid, shading it – but not too much – towards the outer and lower ones. However, with the second created an unprecedented color and vitamin-rich light spot in the inner corner of the eye.. The meeting of these two colors results in a distinctly fluorescent aqua hue.

It was then finished off with a thin line of eyeliner and a ponytail. cat eyeand a pair of very thick, long and perfectly curved false eyelashes. Truly perfect makeup that will not go unnoticed on long summer evenings.

Otherwise beauty

Alex Mayo finally completed Lizzo’s aquamarine makeup – as per the rule – with natural face foundation AND my dear. So, he first prepared the singer’s skin Gossip WITH ‘Moisturizing cream-foam cleanser And Daily Moisturizing Lotion from Cetaphil. Then I applied a light foundation, set everything with powder and highlighted my cheeks with blush in a very warm dark pink shade.

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Lips are bare. But he became sensual through a combination of techniques such ascross out And lip contouring: Darker at the edges and brighter in the center. And 3D nails are a true homage to the treasures found at the bottom of the sea (at least in the movies), with green and silver crystal nail art.


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