a trend that is unanimous among dentists

DENTS – Clinchant smile. Dental jewelry, be it silver or multicolored, in the form of a bow tie or veil, is very popular, especially on TikTok. The trend here has been going on since the 2000s.

As you can see in the video in the articleThe hashtag #toothgems reached 470 million views on the Chinese platform. Watch the videos where you will find a beautiful set of master classes shown in the commentary, use the sets to attach the same rhinestones to your teeth.

Practice ” very risky » for dental surgeon Natalie Delfin, contact person HuffPost. Pay attention to the quality of the necklace and rhinestones. ” La colle sera is toxic or unsafe. And jewelry can be made of nickel and therefore prevent allergies. “, Alert-t-elle.

Additional risks

After the dentist, six teeth with rhinestones is one “aggression” pour in cellas chi. ” What you need to understand is that this piece of jewelry you have requires the application of a specific acid that dental surgeons are authorized to use, and then you have access to your email. There is a special glue in the room. If everything is bad, then it is risky, even if it is just tooth necrosis. »

Ces Strass Peuvent Tenir Entre un Mois et Un Ann Sur les Teeth. If they are not well located, ” This is a risky thing that matters to you who are so useful or inhaled in your respirators, in particular according to the annotation “, Souligne le Doctor Daniel Rubinstein, interrogated Slice en juillet dernier.

Another problem? Caries can become the author of jewelry. Natalie Delphine is now seeing more patients who have not had a good experience with dental rhinestones. ” Tout autour du bijou, il y avait une carie qui se formait with une brown, noire, ça faisait mal “, said the dentist. If you take on the rhinestone trend, you will have impeccable hygiene of your cheeks and teeth.

If you are a pro at posing

Even if dental jewelry is not unanimous among dentists, some things are implemented in the office. If you want rhinestones on your incisors, it’s best to hire a professional to ensure your teeth are safe and the products meet hygienic standards. Natalie Delphine goes downstairs “Logically, the only people who have the right to own teeth are dental surgeons. Personne d’autre is not competent to perform dental treatments or aesthetic procedures. »

To remove jewelry, it is also highly recommended to be professional to avoid damage to the email and ensure the necklace is well cleaned. Indeed, the rest of the hill, ” it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to tooth decay

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The Ranger knows what to do with one of these counterproducts, that’s all.

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