A vampire movie with Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan?

Last week, it was revealed that frequent collaborators Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan — who have worked together Fruitvale Station, Creed, Black Panther, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever As director and actor – and with other collaborations that Coogler isn’t directing – they’ve been secretly developing a new project. Coogler has written the script for the project, which is being described as a genre film directed by Coogler and starring Jordan. They were just looking for a studio to pitch the project — and now, Deadline reports, the number of contenders has been whittled down to three: Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal. They also reported that the film’s budget was expected to be $90 million… and buried the label “Vampire Movie” at the bottom of their article. So are Coogler and Jordan planning to make a $90 million vampire movie here?

We’re not sure yet, but Deadline has heard that “the script is for a period-type film, a true star vehicle for Jordan.” They went on to say, The numbers vying for global rights are large, but not outrageous given the pair’s business records. Potential co-ownership of intellectual property was also discussed. and a potential “drop” picture of Coogler and his Proximity Media.After landing at Kuglerblack panther Being a cornerstone filmmaker is extremely valuable to any of these studios; he’s done nothing but hatch hits and critically acclaimed films since he broke into the industry. Fruitvale Station. There are so many secrets surrounding a project of this type that it was previously reported that “executives and buyers were forced to make pilgrimages to the Beverly Hills offices of WME, the agency that represents Coogler and Jordan, in order to take a look at the script” and get the details. ”

Deadline also notes that the bidding war for the project will come down to three traditional studios, rather than streaming, as the filmmakers “insist on a full global theatrical production.” Regardless of the final outcome, Coogler hopes to begin filming this summer.

Coogler (who is also developing a reboot of the TV series) The X-Files) will produce the film with Proximity Media partners Zinzi Coogler and Sev Ohanian. Rebecca Cho serves as executive producer.

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