“A violent fight with an ex-husband, she broke her head”

Britney Spears and her now ex-husband Sam Asgari they divorced after just 13 months wedding, although the two have been a permanent couple for six years. On separation which shocked Hollywood, especially about the backstory that is being revealed every day, many sources close to the pop star and the Iranian model speak out. Over the past few hours, the founder TMZ Harvey Levin revealed other poignant details that might be relevant to argue cruel.

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Britney Spears breaks silence on divorce from husband: “Six years together is a long time, I’m in shock”

According to sources close to Britney Spears AND Sam Asgariby now, wedding between them it became impossible to live, not to mention the coexistence, which became worse and worse due to quarreling more and more frequent and violent. During the documentary Britney Spears: divorce and despairwhich aired Thursday on Fox, founder TMZ Harvey Levin He said: “Britney AND Sam they were arguing in a hotel room, and at one point things got so bad that she tripped, hit a coffee table, and broke her head. He required medical attention and stitches to close the wound.

Fight between Britney and Sam

One of the reasons that can lead Britney Spears AND Sam Asgari divorce would therefore be a continuation quarreling but also that, according to sources close to the model, he was now horrified by the fickle nature of the pop star, who could at any moment fly into a rage over the slightest thing.

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