Abasto drama as baby dies

The same person intervened.

A dramatic and tragic incident occurred in the town of Abasto in La Plata, where a baby less than a month old died due to issues that are still under investigation. An investigation has been launched to try to find out what could have led to this distressing outcome, which has left nearby residents devastated.

According to the information that has emerged, it all happened in the morning at a precarious house in the area of ​​226th Street and 515th Street. Not long ago, the woman gave her daughter a bottle and put her on the bed. When he left and went to the room, he found that the newborn’s entire mouth was purple and had an extremely cold temperature.

The woman performed resuscitation in an attempt to save her life, but there was nothing she could do. In desperation, police called 911 emergency services and officers went to her home to interview her. Against this background, a 28-year-old girl reported that the little girl suffered from mild bronchitis.

Likewise, the victim’s mother, carrying her baby, told uniformed police officers that she was undergoing body cleansing treatment because of her possible HIV infection. In this case, it is understood that the last analysis performed on him came back negative, so he received medication to clear out any possible traces of the disease.

The same doctor worked at the scene and confirmed the minor’s death. At the same time, after the intervention of officers from the Seventh Police Station, the case was jointly opened with the Second Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) of La Plata and classified as a cause of death investigation.

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