Liberation, carousel for Anna “Our warning against any war”

The roundabout in front of the town hall of Montemurlo has since yesterday been named after “Anna Pardini and the martyrs of Sant’Anna di Stazzema” in memory of the Liberation.

This morning, Montemurlo celebrated the 79th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi fascism with a particularly emotional ceremony, in which, in addition to citizens, provincial municipalities and local associations, the Association of the Martyrs of Sant’Anna di Stazzema took part. part”, National Park of Peace Sant’Anna di Stazzema and Adele Pardini, sister of the youngest victim of the massacre, Anna, only 20 days old.

Mayor Simona Calamai wanted to name the roundabout between Via Montalese and Via Fratelli Rosselli in honor of little Anna and all the innocent victims of that massacre that claimed the lives of 560 people, including 130 children and numerous pregnant women: “A dedication whose purpose is to warn against any war.”

Adele Pardini expressed gratitude to the administration, which, thanks to this dedication, “continues to revive the history and memory of Anna and all the innocent people who died in the massacre.” On August 12, 1944, Adele Pardini was only 4 years old. He was at home with his four sisters (his other four brothers were sent by his father to look after the cows and were rescued), having breakfast when the Germans arrived. Everyone was pressed against the wall. Her mother was killed in front of her eyes with a pistol, along with another woman: “I was only 4 years old, but I remember that the Germans shot at us with a machine gun, I screamed, my sister Cesira saved me,” says Adele, who Together with she was injured by her sisters. However, the director of the National Park of Peace of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, Michele Morabito, emphasizes that: “When you give names to things, people force themselves to live forever” and puts forward the idea of ​​​​a friendship pact between the communities of Sant’Anna di Stazzema and Montemurlo, so that bring, especially young people and students from local schools, to the sites of the massacre and learn about its history. This proposal was immediately welcomed by the mayor of Kalamai, and within a few weeks he will support it with official documents.

“My invitation is to go to Sant’Anna di Stazzema to experience these deep emotions, to think, to reflect, to grasp the deep meaning of what happened and to develop memory, so that together we can defeat indifference and defend the values ​​that the Resistance has abandoned us.” , Kalamai concluded.

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