Abdul Rahman bin Musaed comments on Hassan Nasrallah’s statements: I expected your correspondent from the periphery to finish his speech!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed commented on the statements of the secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, made in his first speech since 7 October.

The resistance axis is a lie

The prince reposted a video in which years ago he spoke of the Kingdom’s support for the Palestinian cause and that Hezbollah and the Quds Force were limited to high-sounding statements.

The prince said it in his story on The unity of the squares is the unity of the squares: neither the Quds Force has anything to do with Jerusalem, nor the 100,000 missiles and enormous weapons that Hezbollah has at its disposal have anything to do with support for the Palestinian Cause”.

He continued: “This is confirmed by a simple comparison between the intensity of Nasrallah’s speech towards the events in Syria and his fierce participation in them, his skirmishes under the rules of engagement during the last month, and the softness of his speech, which is almost a journalist’s detailed coverage of what has happened in Gaza last month since the launch of the Hamas operation a month ago and more.” What followed were Israeli massacres, crimes and genocide against Gaza and its people – according to the context of Hassan Nasrallah’s speech I expected him to end his speech with the phrase: “Your correspondent from the periphery, Hassan Nasrallah!”

He continued: “The so-called resistance axis has been dealing with the Palestinian issue for years and is nothing more than an agent to implement the Iranian agenda in the region… Hassan Nasrallah’s speech in which he stated that the operation for Al-Aqsa flood was a purely Palestinian operation and that the resistance axis was surprised by it, and everything that was stated in the speech made all the masks fall and all the illusions based on strong slogans are assumed and high-sounding speeches will fall with him.”

He said: “Nasrallah did not believe his speech until he said that every effort must be made to stop the war in Gaza. As for the attacks, the unity of the squares and the hundred thousand missiles that can completely destroy Israel in the interests of cause of Palestine and Jerusalem, these are words that have been proven to be false and are neither helpful nor helpful.” Those who are hungry… and do not console or comfort those who are grieving… in Palestine.”

He concludes by saying: «Glory to Him who said: O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?».

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