According to fans, all the “clues” prove that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Timothée Chalamet’s baby, including her suspicious outfits.

Fans of Kylie Jenner believe they have found proof that she is pregnant with her boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet’s baby.

Rumors began circulating in the spring that the Hulu star and the Hollywood actor were dating.

Back in the spring, there were rumors that Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet were dating.1 credit
The stars did not officially confirm their relationship until September.1 credit

However, Kylie, 26, and Timothy, 27, didn’t officially confirm their relationship until they were spotted showing PDA at Beyoncé’s concert in California.

Before they went public, there were rumors that the Kylie Cosmetics founder was expecting a child with Timothy.

Below are all the clues fans found.


In July, Kylie promoted a Kylie Cosmetics product called Gloss Drip, which was available in a variety of shades.

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In the promotional photo, Kylie smoldered in front of the camera while sucking on an ice-cold popsicle.

The mum-of-two stunned in a fitted brown top and freshly manicured nude nails.

Since the start of their relationship, the star has sparked several rumors that she is pregnant with Timothy’s child. In the photo above, fans thought her Gloss Drip lip gloss was a pregnancy test.Credit: Greg Swales

Kylie wore her dark hair straight and wet, and wore her makeup to perfection.

Her popsicle was completely clear, had a strawberry on the top, and the stick was replaced with her latest beauty product.

Many fans were confused by the ad and thought it was announcing something else.

One person wrote: “I thought it was a pregnancy test.”

“Maybe it’s lol 2 in 1,” another joked in response.

A third said: “I thought it was… bullshit.”

“Same thing,” agreed the fourth.


While they were enjoying Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, many fans captured the couple talking to each other in the VIP section.

The viral video showed Timothy smoking a cigarette and talking to his girlfriend.

Others thought the star was waiting for her first public appearance on the Renaissance Tour.1 credit

As soon as she saw that the camera was filming her, she moved her back to the barrier.

She stood pressed against his hand and threw back her head, laughing.

The video was posted on a popular online forum.

One fan couldn’t help but speculate, “I think they’re already pregnant!”

“She’s still in shape and looks incredible, but I noticed this photo last week and here she looks like she has a very early stage of a baby bump,” the same fan said.

A second fan replied: “I really hope he gets pregnant.”

“I’ve been rooting for them to get married and have three kids for weeks now,” someone else remarked.

The same person was one step ahead and was already coming up with the children’s names as they shared: “Manifesting Cloud, Crystal and Chalamet Centerpiece.”

However, a fourth fan chimed in and wrote: “I can’t imagine Timmy being a stepdad.”


Most recently, fans thought the star was pregnant after Kylie posted a mirror selfie.Photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

The most recent “clue” that fans noticed was when Kylie shared a photo on her Instagram page of her great time in Paris, France, for Fashion Week on Wednesday, October 4th.

In her first photo, she took a mirror selfie in an all-black ensemble.

Her tight bodysuit showed off her toned figure under her loose leather jacket.

Her fans said she looked like she was pregnant and had a small bump in the picture, and flooded the comments with their theories.

One asked: “Are you pregnant??” and another agreed: “I thought so. But maybe it was overblown.”

A third fan challenged the “bloat” theory, saying: “Do you think Kylie Jenner would ever take a selfie looking bloated?”

Dozens of others chimed in, writing: “Felt like she was pregnant again.”

Another wrote: “Definitely pregnant.”

The two stars are yet to confirm the rumors.1 credit
Kylie has two children with rapper Travis Scott: five-year-old Stormi and one-year-old Aire.Photo: Instagram/Kyliejenner

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