According to this theory, three characters may not survive.

A new theory shocks Stranger Things fans and draws strength from the previous season’s promotional posters: who couldn’t survive?

Season five very strange things will be the last but the audience Netflix may be waiting longer than expected due to the double strike (writers and actors) going on in Hollywood. But, according to compelling new theorylast cycle of episodes sacrifice the three main characters. Will it be necessary to cook Kleenex? At the moment it is unknown, also because I The Duffer Brothers did not reveal details about the fifth season. The only hint issued so far is more like a hint: catch up season 2, the most underestimated so far, which could instead obscure a direct connection to the latter. Meanwhile, who didn’t?

Stranger Things: According to one theory, three characters may not survive season 5

A new theory seems to have convinced fans that the three characters won’t survive the show’s fifth season. very strange things. The hint seems to be present in advertising posters characters from the fourth season. discarded Twitter from Willow the Wise, the theory in question analyzes the posters from the previous season and highlights how some characters, instead of looking directly at the camera, look into the distance. Among them we find Max (Performed Sadie Sink), Joyce (Winona Ryder), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) AND Mike (Finn Wolfhard), four strong characters that have contributed to the success of the series. It could be a coincidence, or it could hide a different meaning, but the one that Willow Wise chose instead points to a different theory, also fueled by Max’s hard way already in the previous season, which became available last summer. Following this somewhat tantalizing theory, Jonathan, Joyce and Mike may also be on Vecna’s radar..

And there is another reason: all three characters should have a common strong point. They are important to Will (Noah Schnapp). Joyce is her mother, Jonathan is her brother and Mike is her best friend. Given that Will has dealt directly with the Upside Down in the past, it’s likely that he will have a more prominent role next season to showcase his skills and connections to Vecna. Despite the fact that the theory under consideration points to the sacrifice of three characters, doing without Mike, Joyce and Jonathan seems to be too high a price. Vecna ​​could also target them to get to Will, but not kill them (at least not all three).

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