Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) and dedicates it to his girlfriend. But fans notice the detail: “It’s the same.”

Ed Westwick known to television viewers for his iconic portrayal Chuck Bass in the famous series Gossip. His fans are very active on social media, always ready to support him in his new projects, often for a fee, and in his appearances on television. The actor has remained very attached to the character of Chuck and his followers never miss an opportunity to ask him when he will return again to play the Bass Industries entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, Ed Westwick he travels the world and enjoys life with his girlfriend Amy Jacksonwith whom he has been in a relationship since August 2022.

Just a few days ago, the British actor shared a very sweet dedication to his girlfriend Amy with his nearly 10 million followers on Instagram with the words: “Monaco on the right, Italy on the left, but I only see you.” or “Munich on the right, Italy on the left, but all I see is you.”

The Instagram post garnered a lot of thanks from fans who, however, couldn’t help but notice detail on images shared Ed Westwick with Amy Jackson.

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Fast Ed Westwick immediately received a lot of likes, but fans noticed one detail.

It seems that Amy Jackson, Ed Westwick’s girlfriend, is very similar to Blair Waldorf, a girlfriend of Chuck Bass, a character on the series Gossip Girl. There resemblance visible and, in addition, the actor has always stated that he has a soft spot for Leighton Meesterthe actress who played Blair.

Some fans of the series are convinced that Ed Westwick never forgot the American actress, while others consider it a mere coincidence, the main thing is that their favorite actor is happy with his soulmate.

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