Accused of lying about Michael Jordan, three-time All-Star responds strongly

Break the myth or fall? That’s the challenge Gilbert Arenas poses in his latest video. Arenas fact-checked him in real time as fans called him a liar. With the entire response live, the potential for major errors is certain. However, the Washington Wizards legend knows what he’s talking about. As a result, he quickly shattered some assumptions about Michael Jordan.

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The entire scene came about when a fan-made channel claimed Gil was lying about Jordan to hype up LeBron James in the debate. However, Arenas knew nothing about it. The three-time All-Star claimed that expectations for 39-year-old LeBron are very different from those for Michael at the same age.

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When fans argued that James created his team by drafting teammates, especially Anthony Davis, Gil couldn’t help but laugh. “So, you’re saying Michael Jordan didn’t hand-pick his teams? correct? Didn’t he hand-pick his team? Because he is the general manager and a player? And he didn’t hand-pick his team at all, right? “

The fan’s next statement was that unlike the Los Angeles Lakers of the past two years, the Wizards under Mike were never favored to win. However, Gilbert let the numbers speak for themselves and pulled up numbers from that season. Immediately, the stats suggest the Wizards will be the third seed in the Eastern Conference.

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The standard difference between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

The next point of contention is that Jordan was already a successful person when he joined the Wizards, not LeBron. According to Gill, this exact reason strengthens the case: king. The four-time NBA MVP won a championship with AD in 2020, and such a high standard justifies him.

The next part is where fans completely lose the argument. Talking about the state of the Wizards and how they haven’t made the playoffs in 12 of 13 years, Gilbert’s answer was simple: ““They didn’t do that to Jordan either.” When it comes to the teammates Michael had to work with to win, Arenas would reveal that, as general manager, Mike traded those people to people he thought would be a better fit.

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Unlike his previous opinions on Hakeem Olajuwon, Gilbert Arenas is 100% correct this time. Wow, what a start to 2024.

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