Addison Rae to star in horror movie ‘Thanksgiving’!

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Addison Rae makes her film debut again, alongside Patrick Dempsey, in the film “Thanksgiving” where she got the lead role!

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After the success of “He’s all that”, AddisonRae he had already anticipated that we would see her much more often on the big screen. Indeed, after her very first film debut which she racked up head-turning numbers, Netflix allowed her to sign a contract that secured her a role in other films or series. And just yesterday, the creator announced his presence in a film with a very particular texture! But what is it about? Here’s everything we know!

AddisonRae she is one of the most talked about tiktok stars of the moment as she has managed to achieve a lot of success in the most coveted field by many young promises, the cinematographic one! Her creator had publicly announced her presence in the film “Fashionista” and after a year a new role has arrived for her but, this time, in a horror movie! According to what was published by the young actress, will be the protagonist of “Thanksgiving” which in Italian can be translated with “Thanksgiving Day”.

The film is based on the feature film that Eli Roth did 16 years ago for “Grindhouse” Of Quentin Tarantino. While the plot tells of a serial killer who arrives in a small town in Massachusetts with the intention of creating an heirloom with the bodies of the inhabitants on Thanksgiving Day. Filming will officially begin in March of this year in Toronto and in addition to the tiktoker in the cast we will find Patrick Dempsey, protagonist of Grey’s Anathomy! And are you curious * to see her in these clothes?

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