The 10 most commented social looks of February

It may have been only 28 days this year, but they’ve been weeks full of events, appointments, red carpets and so much more. February ends not without having given looks that have set social media on fire.

The surprise effect was the common thread of this month where celebs wanted to be daring with their outfits, although there was no shortage of more comfortable choices but careful to maintain a high glam rate. So let’s find out which are these 10 looks that characterized February.

1 Julia Fox in Weekend with the dead

Dizzying heels? Already seen. Cut out bordering on censorship? Also. Very low-waisted pants? It’s nothing new. But never underestimate Julia Fox because he always has an ace up his sleeve. And, in fact, here she is with a bulky and realistic bag Michael Kale in the shape of a woman’s body or, better, a corpse. Whether it’s the desire to provoke, play or simply amaze with her outfits, the actress now seems to have reached a point of no return. In any case congratulations to Julia because she rewrites the laws of films according to which the corpse must be moved inside a carpet or thrown in the trunk of the car, while she carries hers in plain sight with the handle.

2. Kylie Jenner with the bikini that made history

There are those who dazzle with the dress and those who do it with the swimsuit like Kylie Jenner who doesn’t want to give up on shining even on the beach. Triangle bra and thong-shaped briefs, both illuminated by numerous crystals. As if the precious designer multicolor costume wasn’t enough Chanel it is also a piece of history because it dates back to the 1995 collection signed by Karl Lagerfeld. It’s not just the stones that shine here.

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3 Rita Ora, a space two-piece and otherworldly ring

The living room of Jimmy Fallon it is one of the most important in the world and, over time, it has also become a real catwalk. Dizzying look, eccentric outfits: in a nutshell, it’s a real stage to give a “wow” effect like he did Rita Now with his ensemble David Koma composed of a long-sleeved top and turtleneck in pendant with the miniskirt characterized by asymmetrical details. All very shiny. Yet what shines, more than anything else in this look, is the large square-cut emerald with which Taika Waititi he had asked her to marry her. “I’ve never actually shown anyone my ring,” she confided. And what better occasion than to do it during the Tonight Show.

4 Alison Brie can’t resist the call Disco Inferno

Geometric shapes, glitter and versatility. All this is the dress of Alison Brie which demonstrates how the style «disk» is also perfect off the dance floor. So here she is with a minidress Markarian with a pink background that enhances the waist of the actress thanks to a belt with a bow. But the great game is played by the geometric-shaped plates applied all over the dress. An evening look, a day look and – why not?! – also as an aperitif with those details that recall the bowl of pretzels that they bring together with the spritzer. Salted to the right point.

5. Timothée Chalamet, tormented street artist

It’s hard to find a style icon who can perfectly connect Generation Z and millennials. Perhaps the only one who manages to make everyone agree, absolutely everyone, is Timothee Chalamet which this time engages in the aesthetics ofindie sleaze. From behind with a leather jacket Alexander McQueen embellished with eyelets, dark trousers and very white sneakers. It almost seems as if the actor is in a deep phase of meditation as he holds on to a pole. A few days earlier he had also been spotted with the same outfit but with a guitar as well. Maybe he’s waiting for inspiration for a song?

6. Jessica Chastain, for Valentine’s Day? Of course she wears red

Impossible, simply impossible, not to have red in mind during Valentine’s Day. That color that so much recalls the feeling of love and that Jessica Chastain he decided to impersonate with his ensemble total red. Monotone oversized suit Zimmerman 70’s cut with double-breasted jacket, super wide flared trousers and matching blouse, as well as sunglasses Tom Ford which give it a decidedly glamorous touch. Her pose with flowers in hand only confirms how incredibly on-piece her look is. If anything Cupid should he decide to change his outfit, we know which one would be the most suitable.

7. Rihanna, return to the stage with a surprise

If she decides she needs to leave her mark, rest assured she will. For most it would have been enough to be the show ofhalf time of the Super Bowl but a Rihanna this is not enough because in addition to her singing performance she decides to combine it with a surprise effect in red. So here she is, with one jumpsuit with sculptured bodice signed Loewe highlighting her new pregnancy. We all remember the first time she showed up pregnant: baggy jeans, vintage pink down jacket Chanel open and belly in plain sight. For the second time RiRi decides to cover the belly but the final effect of total amazement is the same.

8. Sam Smith puffs up on the haters

Here the dress of the 1973 worn by the «white duke» David Bowie because the outfit of Sam Smith has a very specific meaning. For the Brit Awards 2023 the singer decides to impress with a custom designed ensemble by Harry: an inflatable latex dress with exaggerated balloon shaped legs and shoulders, platform boots and black gloves. What does it mean Sam? Well, this is his response to the comments received on his body by numerous haters on social media. In front of those who have criticized his physique, because it does not conform to traditional canons, he ups the ante by playing with proportions, exaggerating but without overdoing it. It is the dress that speaks and not the telephone keypad.

9. Chiara Ferragni who doesn’t miss a look in Sanremo

For the opening night suits Diorthen, for the final one, designer outfits Schiaparelli. We also followed this year’s edition of the Italian song festival (and with a certain curiosity) to find out what the super influencer’s looks would be. Clear begins with his back turned and a «Think Free» on the white shawl and ends by showing off the abs embroidered on the corset. Then the woman and warrior mother dress, the naked effect one to celebrate the shapes of the body, the outfit with a trompe l’oeil pendant depicting the uterus and again, again… In short, with the looks Clear has chosen to speak to the body and launch messages by transforming each dress into a manifesto in which the woman is at the centre. It is impossible to choose just one.

10. Pedro Pascal, so sporty chic with a cardigan

Wearing a suit and helmet for an entire series, without ever showing a piece of skin or at least the face, can lead to the reaction of Pedro Pascal who decides to uncover himself (now he can do it without being stopped by the director). At the premiere of the new season of The Mandalorian the good Pedro he has fun with clothes and leaves the usual jacket and trousers in his closet in favor of an ensemble Acne Studios bolder. Tailored red trousers and, over the gray tank top, a knitted cognac cardigan, with only the bottom two buttons buttoned up. A key look streetwear which not only fits him perfectly but also shows the more playful side of the actor.

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