Adriana Lima in the shirt of the Italian football team surprises the fans! (PHOTO)

You’ll never guess who it is!

In the usual parade of stars that distinguishes the Venice Film Festival, there is also a place for Adriana Lima. The Brazilian supermodel and actress honored the lagoon city with her charm and charm at one of the most important European exhibitions dedicated to the seventh art. While the main focus is on the films, the aftermath is no less remarkable. The South American beauty posted a video in which she is in a gondola in an unusual outfit.

Instead of an elegant dress worthy of flattering her curves, she opted for one. soccer jersey. And not like many others, perhaps because it is too trivial. Only she knows the answer, and for sure with her trick she attracted the interest of football fans on our peninsula. It’s not every day you see an international elite diva show off a jacket like this.

Adriana Lima in an incredible Italian club jersey

Adriana Lima in a Reggin shirt -

By now you will understand it. The uniform worn by Adriana Lima is beyond the best clubs in the Old Continent. Not Real Madrid, not Barcelona, ​​not Manchester United. Hint: this Italian. And then you think of Milan, Inter, Juventus, or perhaps Rome (who, for example, brought my colleague Emily Ratajkowski) … But what if we tell you that you have gone astray? He is from Calabria, one of the warmest territories within our borders.

Adriana Lima in a Reggin shirt -

So, do you understand? This is about Regina! The color of amaranth leaves no room for misunderstandings. And careful observers will also be able to transfer this to the exact historical period, the period practiced management. Apparently, Adriana Lima has a special sympathy for the team. This is due to a difficult period when he was not allowed to the Serie B championship due to financial insolvency. We really need support, especially in such a bitter period for the people of Reggio.

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