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Going out in pajama pants: the homewear fashion that captivates everyone

Going out in pajama pants is a trend that conquers everyone, not just the laziest fashionistas. And whether you’re throwing a coat over your pajamas to get rid of an overnight hangover, or ordering two different Deliveroos on the same day; if you closed the curtains and stayed at home on a sunny day to view Sex and the city By voluntarily ignoring the underwear that accumulates around you, you unconsciously follow a new trend: “Hot lazy summer.”

If you’ve been doing one or more of the above activities, you’ve officially entered the summer of laziness. The sexy sloth doesn’t plan his outfits based on the wrong shoe theory, he just wears what’s closest to the bed.

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Lily-Rose Depp and Bella Hadid in pajama bottoms

Perhaps in an inevitable reaction to the ongoing debate over “hidden wealth” clothing (i.e., the idea of ​​investing in simple luxury items in neutral hues that whisper rather than scream about the wearer’s financial status), celebrities and fashion insiders are adopting this languid image. . Celebrities wear shades of gray that are reminiscent of a black sock left after washing that would make Brunello Cucinelli, the king of cashmere, turn pale.

It’s not so much about Kendall Jenner, who took over the trend of wearing lingerie as outerwear last November with her Bottega Veneta panties, but in a look that looked structured nonetheless, but about Lily-Rose. Depp, photographed in Los Angeles in her grandmother’s wedges and a pair of cotton boxers, which should have been hidden at the bottom of the panty drawer. And Sophie Turner professing her love for a new Louis Vuitton bag, dressed in a ribbed slip top tied at the back, lace-trimmed pajama bottoms, and loose pigtailed hair. It could be the lucrative Etam basket pants you bought in 2005 or the shapeless Brandy Melville t-shirt you’ve been wearing for ten years. He comes out without pants because you’re too lethargic to pick them up off the bedroom floor!

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