Bird flu: Sick sea lions continue to be seen off the coast of Tres Arroyense

04|09|23 08:38 AM

Another large stuffed sea lion was found earlier this Sunday afternoon on Reta Central Beach, near the Terrazas Cayastá hotel.

The discovery was made by a neighbor who quickly notified two members of the community who were in the role of wildlife rangers.

After a while they reached the place on the beach where he and the animal were still alive, it was large but showed signs of being badly affected by some disease.

They immediately put up fences to prevent unsuspecting or just curious people from approaching or risking their health by trying to touch the animals.

We recall that influenza can be transmitted to humans not only through the air, but also through contact, so SENASA recommends not to interact with marine animals that show symptoms of a certain disease or that have died.

Yesterday, it was expected that once the animal died it would be buried away from humans.

Meanwhile, another sea lion specimen was spotted off the coast of Clarom Queens in Central Beach on a recent Saturday morning, near the accessible descent.

Local ranger Juan “Tito” Gaswald intervened.

According to the information provided by La Voz del Pueblo entrusted by SENASA, as of now, 20 animals infected with bird flu have been found in the area, and specimens of other species infected with influenza have not yet been found.

At the same time, in the context of such discoveries, a dead fawn was found on the beach of Sos, on the shores close to the beaches of the same district of Monte Hermoso.

The animal will then be removed from the site and information is expected to be obtained on whether SENASA personnel took samples to analyze the cause of death.

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Photo: Courtesy of FM Océano Reta

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