AEMET fixes date for rain arrival in Spain

October’s unusual summer events came to a halt this week after Spain recorded 10 consecutive days of warmest temperatures since 1950. Specifically from September 29th to October 8th. “October 9, 2023 is not a record for warm days. It is very close to October 9, 2012, almost the same, but slightly lower. In any case, information about the record of warm days for the whole of Spain is provided by the National Meteorological Service (Aemet ) spokesperson Rubén del Campo said: “We will recalculate when all data is available and may change. “

Some data shows how unusual this situation is for our time of year. However, there are only a handful of heat waves that are at least as intense. Temperatures will continue to be high on these dates, at least until Friday or Saturday this week.

The changes will begin on Friday. The frontal system will reach Galicia with cooler air behind it, so Temperatures will start to drop across the northwest, extending across much of the country on Saturday, but will be warmer throughout much of the north and east of the peninsula throughout the day.

On Sunday, another drop in temperature will return to normal temperatures in the northern half, but warm conditions will continue in the eastern and southern third of the peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Will it rain?

The passage of the front will bring rain on Friday and Saturday, first to Galicia and then to weak rainfall in other parts of the northwest peninsula.

The arrival of an Atlantic low will bring rain to large swaths of the peninsula on SundayEspecially in the western half, it may continue to develop eastward next Monday. “The heaviest rainfall will occurIn principle, no rain is expected in Galicia, or it will be weaker over the weekend in the southeast of the peninsula. “Del Campo said.

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As for the Canary Islands, the scorching heat will continue until next Tuesday or Wednesday, when temperatures will begin to drop, causing the current heat wave to subside, which is the tenth in the archipelago since 1975.

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