Aesthetic medicine: treatments that avoid the operating room and make stars

Once upon a time in which to get a nose job, breast augmentation, fat reduction and eye rejuvenation, invasive operations, scalpels and total anesthesia were necessary, not indifferent recovery times and equally not indifferent post-operative pains…

We’re not here to tell you that now all of this has become a health walkthat there are no risks and that you don’t feel any kind of pain, but we can definitely say that medical procedures are considerably advanced and many no longer require such invasive and debilitating interventions.

In addition to this, it should be emphasized that by now the interventions of aesthetic medicine have been definitively cleared through customs and they are no longer a secret to hide and be ashamed of, On the contrary. Aesthetic medicine has come out of the dark and is increasingly becoming one of the viable ways to like and accept yourself. As they demonstrate the increasingly numerous revelations of the stars.

Any examples? Among the international celebs, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow declared to Harper’s Bazaar: “Many successful women in Hollywood think that disclosing injection use is an admission of vulnerability. I have tried everything and in the future will try anything. Except the Botox: it makes me look crazy and that’s why I won’t do it again”.

Even the former supermodel Cindy Crawford he makes no secret of his choices in terms of aesthetic medicine. He spoke about it in an interview with InStyle: «After a certain age, creams act on the texture of your skin but, to restore elasticity, I can really count on injections of vitamins, botulinum toxin and collagen».

And it’s not just about confidences between women… Joe Jonas, of the band Jonas Brothers has revealed that he uses an alternative to Botox, as he looked in the mirror and noticed wrinkles on the top of his face. The singer thus turned to aesthetic medicine and chose to be injected with Xeomin, a neurotoxin capable of temporarily relaxing the muscles in a local and targeted way.

To definitively clear the operations of aesthetic medicine also the singer Katy Perry who stated a “I underwent laser treatments and used filler injections under my eyes. They are methods that I would recommend to anyone looking for a solution for dark circles. We are moving away from the negative stigma surrounding these treatments and everyone is free to decide whether to resort to it».

Aesthetic medicine or surgery? The word to the expert

To take stock of what aesthetic medicine is now able to do without necessarily taking you to the operating room, we asked the Doctor Alice Mieggespecialized in general surgery and expert in plastic surgery, master in Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy by the staff of Professor Tremolada of Image Regenerative ClinicMilan.

Doctor, what are the aesthetic operations that used to be done only with the scalpel and now have a counterpart in aesthetic medicine and do not require interventions in the operating room?
«There are now various procedures which, if until recently they were performed only surgically, today can be replaced by methods of aesthetic medicine. Just think of certain nasal irregularities and asymmetries that today can be corrected with the rhinofiller, that is, a regular hyaluronic acid filler. For many, this aesthetic medicine treatment replaces rhinoplasty, even if only temporarily because hyaluronic acid is
gradually reabsorbed. Another example is the ‘lifting’ effect of the face which, again, can be obtained with non-invasive techniques of aesthetic medicine. Let’s talk about both hyaluronic acid-based fillers and
other products with a tensile effect, both suspension wires or lasers which, above all in synergy, allow to improve laxity and sagging. The same goes for the body: today the CoolSculpting it is a great non-surgical solution considered by many to be an effective alternative to liposuction. In fact, localized fat deposits are eliminated thanks to cryolipolysis, to degrade excess deposits by freezing the fat cells, a painless and non-invasive procedure which guarantees excellent long-lasting results in suitable and selected patients”.

In your opinion, which are the interventions that will see the greatest developments in the near future and will completely replace surgery for the benefit of less invasive interventions?
«Considering the ever-increasing demand for rhinofillers to improve nose irregularities, other injection techniques and lasers for the correction of wrinkles and facial sagging, these methods of aesthetic medicine are destined to become worthy allies of surgery in the broadest sense. But it should always be specified – especially to patients – that while the results of a traditional rhinoplasty or facelift are permanent, rhinofillers, fillers and traction wires they reabsorb over the course of six to eight months. As far as lasers are concerned, then, the results are excellent, but the sessions must be performed constantly and not one-off».

Which, on the other hand, will probably have to remain (and why) the prerogative of surgery?
«An aspect to underline is that surgery has evolved a great deal over the last few years, so that by now many operations – even important ones – are performed under local anesthesia, in a short time, sometimes even twenty minutes, and with a practically immediate recovery for the patient, who can immediately return to normal work and daily activities. I mean. for example. to blepharoplasty, alle mini-liposuctionsor face lifts and breast (mastopexy, in the latter case). They are all interventions that can be performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia, with downtime minimum. Precisely this possibility guarantees better comfort for the patients and a more evident and permanent result in some cases, which, needless to deny it, can only be obtained with high-level aesthetic surgery».

Whether the choice falls on aesthetic medicine or minimally invasive surgery, these are always interventions to be carefully considered and evaluated during the a consultation appointment to better customize the operations to be performed. Because, if it is true that in many cases the results are not permanent, it is also true that not relying on professionals can involve risks they are not for aesthetics, but also for health.

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