After the record success of Barbie, Mattel is betting on the Polly Pocket.

Barbie‘, a film about the world’s most famous doll director Greta GerwigWith Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. Thus, it surpassed Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, which grossed nearly $822 million.

‘Polly Pocket’

In the wake of the global success of Barbie, it may also be worth appreciating the creation “Barbie 2”, a possible follow-up to this film, Mattel Films, Mattel’s film division known for its toys, is planning new feature films based on some of its flagship products. Upcoming projects, for example, include work on Polly Pocket, a line of miniature dolls that were very popular thirty years ago. According to what’s leaked so far, Mattel’s new Polly Pocket movie is involved in writing and directing. Lena Dunhamcreator, writer and star of HBO’s Girls.

Lily Collins

Polly Pocket to star in Mattel movie Lily Collinsknown for starring in ‘Emily in Paris’available on Netflix. The fourth season of this series, also partly filmed in Italy, is scheduled for late 2023 but may be delayed due to writers and actors on strike due to non-renewal of the category contract and lack of protection in their comparisons on topics such as streaming and artificial intelligence. Collins is also involved in the protest, which is still ongoing. As happened with Margot Robbie with Barbie, Lily Collins could also be among the producers of this project, which was discussed for a couple of years, but which, thanks to the great cinematic success of Barbie, was once again pulled out of control. boxes.

Nineties mini dolls

Polly Pocket presents the series miniature dolls originally presented Bluebird toys in 1989. These toys also included small portable houses, other sets in a small and compact format and small accessories, items that can fit in an English pocket. Over the decades, doll kits have been made by other manufacturers and the lines have evolved further. During the 1990s, these toys reached their peak of popularity, also due to their ability to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, allowing them to create scenarios and stories using the miniature components and accessories provided in each set.

Other Mattel Projects

According to publications such as The New Yorker, developed by Mattel, there will be at least 45 filmsalthough 14 have been claimed so far. Barbie is Mattel Films’ first feature film produced at the instigation of the CEO Ynon Kreiz already established in 2018. Among the titles planned for the upcoming are live action Hot Wheels was produced by JJ Abrams, Barney was produced by actor Daniel Kaluuya.astronaut figurine movie Major Matt Mason featuring Tom Hanks. Other projects concern “American Girl”, “View Master”, “Masters of the Universe”, “Magic Ball 8” and famous card game ‘One’.

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