Lynn Ramsey on Dark Slides with Mara and Phoenix, Die, My Love with Jennifer Lawrence and Stone Mattress with Julianne Moore

Award-winning Sarajevo Film Festival Scottish director Lynn Ramsey talks about Polaris (now Dark Slides), in which she reunited Joaquin Phoenix with Rooney Mara, and her other projects with Julianne Moore and Jennifer Lawrence.

Scottish director Lynn Ramsey received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival. In the interviews he released on the occasion, Ramsay spoke about the projects he is leading, 3 of which are in development. Polarisa film he made again as a director Joaquin Phoenix After Beautiful daythis time with Rooney Marawhich filming has ended and about which very little has been known so far. NameMoreover, will change.

What Polaris is talking about with Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara

At the time of release in Italy Beautiful day we had the opportunity to interview together Joaquin Phoenix AND Lynn Ramseyboth are delighted with the experience of working together. And here they are again teaming up for her new film, of which she has joined the cast. Rooney Mara, partner of the actor and mother of his son River, who will turn 3 on August 25. Ramsey said he has finished filming film, which it will no longer be called Polaris, but Dark Slides (dark slides). In the film, Phoenix plays a photographer. The director summed up the story as “A Photographer Meets the Devil in Alaska” and said that the plot is centered on psychological abuse. This is the first time Lynn Ramsey works with its own original script, after Pied Piper 1999.

Other Lynn Ramsey Projects: Die, My Love with Jennifer Lawrence

Continuing to speak to the press, Lynn Ramsey has announced a series of impressive projects in terms of ambition and cast. According to him, the next film he will make after the strike is over is Die my loveWith Jennifer Lawrence: “It’s not in the Arctic, not on a boat (link to the movie, which we’ll talk about later, ed.). They are characters in the house, in the village, so it’s easy to do.” The film is based on the novel by an Argentinean writer. Ariana Harwich, which Lawrence herself recommended to the director. “She immediately reacted to the material, which is kind of tough because it’s about postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. But he’s also funny. I made it funny. I think we succeeded.” The book is set in the French countryside, but Ramsey will be filming in America. This is a story about a marriage that ends, although the two partners still love each other very much. “Everyone had mental problems during COVID. So talk about it, but the way I think it’s very funny.”

Other Lynn Ramsey Projects: Stone Mattress with Julianne Moore and Sandra O.

In addition to the film she finished filming and the one she finished writing, the volcanic Ramsay is writing another one. It’s a revenge thriller called a game of cat and mouse. stone mattressbased on a story Margaret Atwoodfirst released in New York in 2011. The film in America will be released on Prime Video and is a very ambitious project: “It’s quite difficult to do because it takes place on a cruise ship in the Arctic, so there are several elements. You can only shoot during a certain period of time. And you must be in the Arctic, where certain points are melting. So it’s a very difficult film.” The cast, however, has already been selected: Julianne Moorewho plays the psychopath Sandra Oh. And as if that weren’t enough, Lynn Ramsey also has an old project she hopes to do: the version moby dick the action takes place in space, which she does not go into details because she is afraid that someone will steal her idea … what can I say? Very impressive art! Although the situation in Hollywood is more or less stable at the moment, Ramsay is not worried and expressed his full support for the claims of actors and screenwriters.

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