Today, August 15, 2023, he turns 22 years old. Gianluca Molin, an Italian Stardust House influencer who rose to fame for finishing second in Mister Italia Web 2020 and is sometimes referred to as the Italian Justin Bieber due to his resemblance to the singer. On the occasion of the greeting, we take this opportunity to leave you with some curious facts about him and his social contacts.

Gianluca Molin – sister

Gianluca Molina has a younger sister, Samantha, who was born in 2007.

engaged to Gianluca Molin

At the moment, it is not known that Gianluca Molin is engaged. In the past, his name was associated with the name of Marta Losito, but in fact there is just a great friendship between them, including because both come from Vicenza.

What happened to Gianluca Molin – Accident

During his stay in New York, during 2022, the creator went through a very unpleasant adventure. Left on the street late at night, he risked being stabbed by a lunatic who was then arrested by the police.

Gianluca Molin: age, height, where he lives, social contacts

Gianluca Molin age: born in Venice on August 15, 2001, under the sign of Leo. In 2022, he lived in New York for several months. Height: 180 cm. See below for where to find him on social media.

Gianluca Molin on Instagram
Gianluca Molin on TikTok

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