Albums coming out in September: most anticipated

Okay, September is known to be synonymous with new beginnings, but also a lot of new music. After a well-deserved and restorative summer vacation, many artists are ready to open the second half of 2023 with a new project. There are examples? Coez and Fra Quintale, Annalisa, Romy, James Blake, Olivia Rodrigo, Ed Sheeran and George Smith. So here are the albums we can’t wait to hear in September.

Romi – in the air (8 September)
Leave all hopes for the release of the new The XX album. Meanwhile, after Jamie and Oliver, here is the debut album of romy madeley craft. The constant center of gravity is the dance floor, but rhythms in 4/4 time take on a special charm due to the subtle melancholy timbre that Romy possesses. Eurodisco, a pinch of 90s and modern trance stutter house, thanks to production by Fred Aging. Turn up the volume.

Coez and Fra Quintale – Love Bars (8 September)
Remember how wonderful 2017 was when the “love me or I’m screwed” was our favorite declaration of love and Yes, ha Was it the perfect song to send to our fans? Well, Coez and Fra Quintail are back to refresh our memories, but this time together. Love Barstheir joint album, which will be released on Friday. From the spoiler launched on Mi Ami and yes high tide, the first single of the project, there is no shortage of ingredients for a record that shows all the facets of these two songs. The boom-bap of origins, the bittersweet pop, that freshness pierced by a veil of melancholy. Coez and Fra are ready to throw a load of love at the beginning of the end of this 2023.

James Blake – The game “Robots in Paradise” (8 September)
James Blake is back to basics. If melodic emotionality is characteristic Friends who break your heartThe English artist’s seventh album, released in September, is rooted in the electronics that launched his career. This time there are no special features, but eleven tracks where drum machines and synthesizers fragment the melody. If the first single is extracted Big Hammer winks at the trap, next Loadingco-written with Dom Maker (Mount Kimbie, Rosalìa, Slowthai), the piano returns.

Olivia Rodrigo guts (8 September)
Olivia Rodrigo’s album is perhaps one of the most anticipated albums of this September. Incredible success achieved since his debut Sour (2021) dedicated her as one of the rising stars of the world stage. The curiosity stems from the path he may have taken in this second job.. Some clues came from the first two singles. A vampire is a pop ballad with a gothic vibe, while bad idea, right? it’s a tribute to 90s pop rock music.

Annalisa – And then we found ourselves in a whirlwind (September 29)
Are you ready to dive into the maelstrom of Annalisa’s transformation? Among the most anticipated albums of September is definitely his album, which will be a real test after last year’s success with very popular albums. Magnificent, Mon Amour AND disk paradise. His glow is now a fact, and And then we found ourselves in a whirlwind it could be a dedication disc as a pillar of the new italian female pop music.

Ed Sheeran – Autumn variations (September 29)
Nobody expected Ed Sheeran’s new album to come out so soon. Instead, surprisingly, the English singer-songwriter announced the release of Autumn variations which, as the name suggests, was written last fall. Inspiration to continue Subtract was born after the artist discovered Puzzle options by classical composer Edward Elgar: a 14-track piece dedicated to as many of his friends as possible. Ed Sheeran decided to do the same.

George Smith – Fall or fly (September 29)
A very long wait, 5 years after the release of the first album, which allowed us to discover one of the most elegant soul voices created in the UK, and finally a multi-faceted and iridescent album has come which the talented artist – thanks to a touch from production duo DAMEDAME – deviates from the essentially R&B poses of the debut album in favor of discovering styles and rhythmic-harmonic solutions that are never predictable. Starting with d&b for the Nia Archives remix of the single. little thingWith.

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