Aleix Espargaró: “My character is complex, not calm”

Alex Espargaro Aprilia MotoGP Silverstone

Photo: Michelin

Alex Espargaro talks to Gazzetta dello Sport about his victory at Silverstone.

Make no mistake, last Sunday was a party in a box ApriliaExcellent Alex Espargaro He took victory at Silverstone.He does this by imposing himself on others Peco Banaya Who is the rider to beat in MotoGP now, but the rider from Granollers knows how to get ahead and beat him. Obviously it means a lot to the Italian company, as well as to the Catalan, who was able to celebrate in the closed park with his wife and two children.

From Argentina’s victory to this one, Alex is clear: “The first race has a special flavor, but winning at Silverstone, thus beating Bagnaia and Ducati, is special”he affirmed, was also able to celebrate with his children: “Before the game, maximum He kept me on top because if I didn’t stay on top, they couldn’t see me on TV…’.

His two families: one at home and one on the track. “My family is always there for me, but I’m happiest with Apulia, which is another family for me, Made up of a lot of guys who work in the factory, they don’t look bad and give everything to achieve something like Silverstone.”

Alex Espargaro Aprilia MotoGP Silverstone
Photo: Michelin

“My family is always there for me, but I’m especially happy for Apulia, it’s another family for me”

“Continuity is critical: These updates are a big step forward for us and we will do more, but we have to keep our feet on the ground.”’, he said, keeping in mind that we must continue like this to bring the Aprilia to the top. “Everyone at Apulia started the season with the idea of ​​trying to win a world championship, Even me: This puts unpositive pressure on me. Last year we ended up not being competitive, which made me sad, but now we tell ourselves we have to fight to the end.”

two months ago He fell while cycling at Mugello, which caused his stamina to drop, But now he’s the winner of the final grand prize: “Yes, exactly: this is a serious mistake Especially for athletes. There are also some things that shouldn’t be done. I could have said I fell But it’s better to be honest, even though I know it will bring me more criticism.”he admitted knowing he was always a much-discussed pilot

“My personality is complex and not calm: This leads me to make mistakes, to speak my mind directly but also to act from the heart, like surpassing Bagnaia”Alex finished his speech.

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