Alexandra Daddario, actress, turned the heads of fans with a picture without a veil (PHOTO)

Nine years have passed since the release of the first season. True detectiveseries he dedicated Matthew McConaughey in dramatic roles, but to no small extent contributed to the fact that everyone knew the name Alexandra Daddario. From that nude scene with Woody Harrelson her name became even more popular on the small and big screen, consecrating her as one of the beauties of modern cinema.

This can also be confirmed by fans who have filled out profile of an actress born in 1986 with hundreds and hundreds of comments: all thanks to full nude photo what Daddario posted on instagram. She photographed herself naked on the bed, knees bent to hide her curves, and a small instant camera on her face. In the following photos, he showed his subscribers the mountains and snow, where he spends several days of vacation.

YOU CAN SEE PHOTOS OF ALEXANDRA DADDARIO HERE (you must be connected to Instagram)

The footage has drawn attention and comments from fans, among those who define her as an angel and those who profess unconditional love for her. This is not the first time he “blew up the Internet” with such a photo: it was already last year during the next holiday, and also on the occasion some pictures by the pool shared last October.

Alexandra Daddario, who gained fame as well as True detective also from the side Annabeth Chase V saga Percy Jacksonhas remained a star on the big screen in recent years with films such as San Andreas AND Malibu safeguards – both side by side Dwayne Johnson. Then we saw it in some episodes American Horror Story and in the last first season White Lotus. On a personal front, last July she married producer Andrew Form, who met by chance on a street crossing during New York quarantine.

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