Alexandra Kekesi, woman in charge of Pornhub: “Let’s get back to respectability”

The new owners of Pornhub are trying to make the infamous “obscene site” one of them. most respected platform for a traditional audience. That’s why they recently appointed a female executive to spearhead this cleanup.

Alexandra Kekesi it is she who will henceforth lead the porn industry. How? Putting on our face.

“Purge” Pornhub images

A longtime collaborator, she has been named Head of Community and Brand, a role that will not only oversee the site’s creative direction, but help shape Pornhub’s position on key public issues.

New management will need to rethink Pornhub’s position on key public issues.

Kekesi hin fact, he said he wanted “oppose censorship in the adult film industry, arts and culture” and, above all, “to help people see PornHub as a brand, (see) the values ​​we hold dear, what it really represents, and achieve a high level of respectability.”

A broad and, above all, challenging undertaking to reimagine the brand’s reputation, also given the company’s recent history.

Who is Alexandra Kekesi

The new head of the community Alexandra Kekesi, he has been working on the platform for more than ten years: first as an entry-level marketer, and then as a marketing director.

Alexandra Kekesi, Director of PR and Brand Relations

Already engaged in several information campaignsamong which Sexual Health CenterI PornHub Awards And “Let’s talk about pillows” event“Now he will oversee the creative direction of the company and play a critical role at the intersection of culture, art and technology,” they said.

Its main task will be manage public image an adult entertainment site, as well as hosting the annual Oscars Night for Porn Actors and hosting a podcast with porn star Asa Akira to uncover the inner history of the porn universe and debunk myths about the big porn industry.

“Having worked in the adult industry for almost a decade, I have seen very promising growth and evolution in terms of identity, priorities and ethos pornhub – It has said by mail –

As a brand and community leader, I look forward to seizing every opportunity to expand our advocacy efforts, deepen our relationship with the sex worker community, and engage in inspiring and enriching cultural initiatives.”

Ban on Instagram and videos on minors and revenge porn

Among them permanent account ban companies via Instagram following allegations of violating the social network’s sexual harassment rules. In response, Pornhub spoke about the self-righteous “censorship” of the porn industry, while agreeing Kim Kardashian and other VIPs to post nude photos.

Posting videos of sexual assault, revenge porn, unauthorized confidential material, and even videos of minors: these are heavy allegations leveled against Pornhub.

But the biggest problems to face are the serious allegations received regarding published videos of minors, sexual abuse and revenge porn content, without taking into account those who condemn the company for obtaining users’ personal information without their permission.

Who is behind Ethical Capital Partners

This is where the “queen of porn” comes in: Kekeshi also announced to The Post her intention to create “gold standard when it comes to moderation.”

What should he be especially concerned about? Ethical Capital Partners, a Canadian buyout company that unexpectedly bought MindGeek, Pornhub’s parent company, earlier this year. However, the information circulating about this is scarce.

Ethical Capital Partners unexpectedly bought MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub.

And key details about the company are still unclear, including where it got the money to buy the site, how much it paid, and who is actually in charge of MindGeek.

When asked about the dark nature of ECP’s operations, Sarah Bain, the firm’s partner and vice president of public relations, said her approach is no different from that of any other private firm. “I would not say that we are vague, but very clear: we are a private company“, he stated.

Almost collapse

It won’t be easy for Ethical Capital to change its mind about a company that boasts a daily audience 130 million users among its sites, despite being the target of accusations in recent years of hosting content about revenge porn, sexual abuse of minors, and victims of sex trafficking.

pornhub repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. MindGeek was on the verge of collapse after a damning report from The New York Times in 2020 shed light on the distribution of illegal video content through Pornhub and its effect on victims.

In recent years, Pornhub has faced Permanent bans on Instagram and YouTube. In May, Pornhub blocked access to the site in Utah after the state enacted a law requiring users to certify they were over 18 years old.

In July, Pornhub also shut down in Virginia in protest of a similar law.

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