All about Subway Session, the popular TikTok account

It looks like the TikTok algorithm has decided to gather everyone in New York’s Lower East Side. Right here, on a subway platform in the heart of Manhattan, Christina Avakyan began to perpetuate his original, eclectic and bold combinations of styles. Better notice how @subwayssessionon behalf of the account, which in a very short time has collected more than 20 thousand subscribers and more than 380 thousand likes, has become the latest obsession of the social community, igniting a discussion about fashion, privileges and tastes in clothing, such that Danya Issavi decided to dedicate an interview to her in the magazine slice.

Kristina Avakyan was born in Armenia and grew up in Russia. She has been living in Manhattan for twelve years, where she works as a stylist and bartender. All of her videos have the same structure: shot with a smartphone on the ground, they frame her from below as she walks back and forth. metro (hence the idea for the ID, which literally translates to “metro session” in Italian), showcasing a wide range of vintage and hand-tailored pieces of clothing that fit together in an extreme, unique and completely personal way.

As Danya Issavi testifies, the account continues to grow, rapidly scalingalgorithm From tik tak, and the situation in the comments is always the same: discussing his clothes, judging whether they are “good” or not, and everyone seems interested in expressing their opinion about the style of the person who, in the end, “won”. we’ll never meet again.” From a pair of just a pair of jeans and a wool scarf worn around the neck with nothing underneath, to a combination of a nude pink lace bodysuit, basketball shorts and heels, it seems that her combinations have challenged the common sense. . style, and that for this reason they are so controversial and at the same time attractive.

Then, in order to paint a full portrait of @subwayssession and its success, it is necessary to consider the discourse related to privileged position by Avakyan. If fashion and costume historian Shelby Ivy Christie observed that as a white woman (albeit an Armenian, not an American) of socially acceptable height, she achieved popularity relatively quickly, the journalist slice she admitted that she wondered if a plus-size African-American would receive the same treatment online and on the subway.

Interviewed slice on this occasion, she commented: “Yes, I am white, even if I am Armenian. I am not responsible for what color I was born, but I will applaud anyone; anyone who is confident can do it. Of course I’m “privileged” because I’m white, but don’t make me feel bad.” To the question “Why do you think your appearance was so controversial?”, he instead answers: “I think it’s like a car accident”There is something wrong and (at the same time) something fascinating about it. It’s not right, but it makes you feel like (when you ask) “what is this?” (they answer) “You can’t point your finger at it” and instead I’m going straight to it.”

Avakyan also said that he clearly loves clothes. used who shop on Second Street, Goodwill and online e-commerce stores like RealReal or SSENSE, and for brands like Alexander Wang, Gucci, Fendi and Prada. indicated Alexander Michael as her main inspiration along with Demna, despite the recent scandal involving Balenciaga, Margiela and “apparently” Miu Miu, mentioning Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Zoë Kravitz, Sienna Miller and Bella Hadid (to whom he is often compared) as style icons.

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