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September has arrived. The holidays have come to an end for many. Life is returning to normal. And we also do not shirk our responsibilities. In fact, in this article you will find all the news coming this month. Apple TV+one of the most qualitatively interesting streamers.

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Lakeith Stanfield in The Changeling: A Tale of New York
Lakeith Stanfield in the film Changeling – A Tale of New York.

September will bring subscribers some brand new products and some returning products that have been successful in previous seasons. So, let’s see what the Apple-branded platform has in store for us next month. September.

Changeling – A Tale of New York – September 8

Absolutely new from the Apple TV+ catalogue, Changeling – A Tale of New York debuted on the platform on September 8 last year, piqued the curiosity of subscribers with a story between fairy tale and horror. The action takes place in an unprecedented and terrible New York. Changeling credits include Oscar nominee Lakeith Stanfield (Diamonds in the rough, Judas and the Black Messiah). The series is based on the book by Victor LaValle. The product is definitely worthy of attention.

The Morning Show 3 is coming to Apple TV+ on September 13

Not something new, of course, but a very welcome return. Season three morning show (here is our article about the past season), one of the most acclaimed television series of recent years, will be released on the Apple platform on September 13. The series is set in the competitive world of American journalism. The series features top-notch actors, from Jennifer Aniston to Reese Witherspoon, as well as Bill Crudup. The long-awaited return and here it is.

Supermodels – September 20

What is behind the world of fashion shows and the beauty of the models who participate in them? The documentary series will try to answer this and many other questions about the competitive and crazy world of high fashion. Supermodels. Drawing on the experiences of fashion divas such as Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington, Oscar winner Roger Ross will attempt to give audiences a comprehensive and fascinating insight into the lives and careers of four models.

Still Awake – September 22

Trouble sleeping? I’m not sleeping yetComing to Apple TV+ on September 22 next year, the series might be right up your alley. Two young people, Danny and Lisa, the first a journalist suffering from many problems in human relationships, and the second an ardent cartoonist, suffer from insomnia. They meet, become friends, fall in love with each other (without knowing it). Actors Craig Roberts and Antonia Thomas’s job will be to “keep you awake” with their jokes.

Flora and son – September 29

Presented at the Sundance Film Festival. Flora and son Coming September 29 next year, Apple TV+ is a platform that’s always ready to load up on the hottest films Festivals created by Robert Redford (think: TAIL). The focus is on the difficult relationship between a mother and her teenage son. And again, as often happens in films, the music helps, thanks to which the two find a connection and try to resolve their conflicts. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also part of the cast.

Complete September calendar on Apple TV+

The Morning Show 3 coming soon to Apple TV+
Dying Show 3coming soon to Apple TV+.

We’ve finally got a (short) list of Apple TV+ releases for September this year. Not many products, that’s true. But the ones that come out are of absolute interest.

  • Changeling – New York Tale: September 8;
  • The Morning Show – Season 3: September 13;
  • Supermodels: September 20;
  • Still up: September 22;
  • Flora and son: September 29.

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