LeBron James makes big decision after Team USA fails at Basketball World Cup

“This is not 1992 anymore,” Steve Kerr said after being eliminated from the 2023 Basketball World Cup. This sentence comes from the mouth of the team coach. U.S. national team It speaks for itself about the current level of equality in basketball and the level of commitment from its top stars. NBA and his national team.This Sunday, the whole yankees They lost to Canada, went without a medal for the second consecutive World Cup, and will celebrate 13 years without a championship. Team USA’s defeat has reignited debate over the formation of its team and whether its global dominance is over. One day after Germany dedicated itself to Serbia, LeBron James He could have decided to take the bull by the horns before the 2024 Paris Olympics and plan to form a new dream team.

LeBron James at the 2012 Olympics: his last for Team USA.

The fourth place is USA This point in the Basketball World Cup can be explained from many angles, such as its lack of friction with FIBA’s rules and competition modes. However, it all started with the construction of his team: he didn’t have stars at the highest level. NBA They brought in young players like Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton, as well as role players like Austin Reeves and Bobby Portis. As a result, Golden State coach Kerr’s team arrives as a poster-supported candidate rather than a reliable, devastating team that deserves the “Dream Team” moniker. The result ended like this: fourth place, behind Germany, Serbia and Canada, countries that really gave their best and paid for it in their own currencies.

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