All the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair (Known But Not So Well Known)

The kitchen contains many beautiful secrets, not only related to our diet, but also to reduce cellulite, Improve acne or strengthen hair, etc.In the storage room we found natural ingredients There are direct benefits to our skin, hair and even eyelashes. most versatile?we can confirm yes coconut oilis obtained by extracting and refining the white pulp of this fruit, remains solid at room temperature (it must be heated to prolong), and has application list beautifulIt’s pretty arguable that we found 11 of the best.

Coconut Oil - 2z

Coconut Oil – 2z

– Fashion Girl’s “Glazed Donut Skin” is achieved with this simple step in the ritual

Moisturizes and softens skin

Thank you for your fatty acids and amino acidsThe main beauty benefit of coconut oil is that it strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, making the skin look more hydrated. Among acids, moreover, capric acid, soften. As a result, many beauty companies turn to its natural ingredients when looking for creams that leave skin soft and beautiful, which can benefit all skin types, Both dry and oilywhich we will explain later.

extended tanning time

This benefit derives from the previous benefit: prolonging skin’s golden tone for as long as possible after summer.In fact, it’s one of the best kept secrets perennially tanned women, They smear coconut oil all over their bodies after the beach when they are not sunbathing.Through this action, on the one hand, the luster of the neckline, arms, legs and other parts is enhanced; on the other hand, they can hydrate the skin to the greatest extent, thus achieving A more even and longer-lasting tan.

Enhances skin collagen

Coconut oil has been shown to rejuvenates the skin Its lauric acid already stimulates collagen formation.can also Enhances antioxidant processes So if you use it regularly (you can add a few drops to your night cream), you will reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

reduce cellulite

If we add that it improves collagen and skin tone and adds moisture, we get one of the most interesting benefits of coconut oil: It helps reduce cellulite.use it every day buttocks, legs, etc. If you have orange peels, with perseverance and patience, you will see how the depth of the dimples decreases. As with any cellulite-related treatment, coconut oil doesn’t do magic by itself. combined with a proper diet, Sports and other specific cosmetics is the only formula to solve this effect problem Nine out of ten women.

acne treatment

Although we often think of oils as only good for dry or combination skin, you should know that they can actually benefit oily skin tremendously.In the case of coconut oil, the reason is that lauric and capric acids have Antibacterial and antifungal propertiesthereby improving acne, folliculitis and other acne.

soften stains

Besides smoothing wrinkles by fighting free radicals, coconut oil has another benefit Anti-Aging: to weaken the stain, especially those produced by the sun’s rays. This is because it regenerates skin cells while improving its luminosity and evening out skin tone.Of course, it’s best to use it when you don’t intend to expose yourself to the sun, or if you do, always with good sunscreen.

You can use it as a makeup remover

One of the least known uses of coconut oil is that it works so well in removing makeup. In fact, according to many experts, “The best natural makeup remover. In liquid form, apply it to a cotton ball and wipe over your entire face, including eyes and lips.If you have used a mask waterproof, you need to leave it on the label for a few seconds to remove it nicely. However, due to its moisturizing properties, your skin will be smoother Compared to other cleansing cosmetics.

regenerate hair

Moving on to the hair benefits of this natural super product, most famously nourish the mane.You can use it as Face mask Leave on for two to three minutes after shampooing, then rinse; can also be used as an intensive treatment. In this case, apply it to the mid-lengths and ends, tie it into a bun, and leave it on for a few hours without washing. Shampoo your hair at night and wash your hair as usual the next morning.You’ll notice more hydrated hair and more closed ends; a fitting tip if you don’t want to cut your hair In a few weeks.

Provides shine to the mane

As a styling product, coconut oil is also perfect.the same with with argan, you can apply a few drops after washing your hair while it is still damp, before blow drying or letting your hair dry naturally. It can also be used on hair that is already dry, but in this case, make sure to only apply it to low to mid hair and ends to avoid messing up the roots.

reduce frizz

Beyond shine, if you apply coconut oil to wet and dry hair, you’ll notice curly disappear.This is due to its moisturizing capabilities, which is why it is highly recommended to reach polished smooth mane and braids or perfect updo. It can even be your secret, combined with a setting gel for an effect look. wet often.

Strengthen eyelashes

usually more talk castor oil or almonds, but coconut is just as good for thicker and longer lashes thanks to its nutritional and antioxidant content. As we said, you can use it as a natural makeup remover, which does double duty as removing mascara and moisturizing lashes, or as a treatment.To do this, lightly apply the oil with a brush or stick, then make it act every night on your eyelashes

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