Spend bonus for 3 months without ISEE: how it works, how to request

From October 1, spending bonus will arrive for 3 months without ISEE. This is one of the anti-inflationary measures implemented by the government, which will directly affect the shopping cart until December 31, 2023. Food, children’s and even pharmacy products will be offered at very low prices, which contrasts inflation AND rising prices.


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Bonus for 3 months without ISEE: how to apply and how it works

Bonus for purchases for 3 months without ISEE it works directly with the products you buy, mainly food and for children, without the need to present ISEE. Firstly, this is not a cash bonus, but a discount that is applied directly to the goods, without having to request it or submit any application. From October 1, 2023 to December 31 of the same year, fixed prices will apply, promotions on various products and branded product initiatives at a single price or at a discount. So what is it anti-inflationary measure which aims to lighten the shopping cart for a total of three months.

Which products will be covered by the trade bonus?

Spending Bonus will work on goods most affected by inflationespecially food. Between them rice, pasta, sugar, milk, vegetables, fruit and all goods for which we have observed price increases in the last period. The pharmaceutical sector will be involved with the participation of pharmacies, so we will be able to find controlled prices there as well. government measure. The anti-inflationary period will last until the end of 2023 and will aim to provide families with access to always low and constant prices.

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